Rhino Involved In Automobile Accident

© Peter Delaney
A rhino was recently injured on the H10 tar road south of Tshokwane when a Kruger National Park technical services staff member hit it with his car. The staff member was en route home to Satara, having entered the park at Crocodile Bridge. Discovering that his vehicle was seriously damaged, he made his way to the Tshokwane ranger post on foot.

As it was dark and too late to investigate the incident that night, Tshokwane section ranger Steven Whitfield began tracking the rhino the next morning. The tracks showed that the rhino might be injured, and he eventually discovered it with injuries to its hind legs. The veterinary services team was then called in and they attempted to track and dart the rhino from the helicopter in order to treat its injuries.After consultation between Whitfield and the vet, it was decided that there was a chance that the rhino might recover naturally from its injuries, and so the search was called off. The Tshokwane rangers will continue to keep an eye on the rhino in case future veterinary assistance is necessary. Kruger management is undertaking a full investigation before making a decision on the way forward regarding the incident.

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