New Format For Wildlife Photographic Essay

An innovative new form of the ever-popular coffee table book featuring stunning photographs of Africa's wildlife has been launched by the Hoberman Collection.

More than 300 photographs of Africa's wildlife are included in a hardcover book about the size of the average novel, but the book's spine is along its shortest edge, transforming the pages into the 'landscape' orientation.

Bound in Italian book cloth, the small book, referred to as a 'dumpy' by the publisher, allows the photographs to speak with almost as much power as a larger volume would, but has the advantages of portability and a lesser weight for travelling tourists.

The majority of the photographs in the book "Wildlife of Africa" were taken by Gerald Hoberman in the central lowveld of South Africa. In his introduction, he says, "I have included examples of spectacular landscapes, marine mammals, birds and the night sky, for they are all part of the wildlife experience in Africa. I hope that these photographs will encourage more people to feel connected with and do their best to promote and conserve the fast-dwindling natural habitats of the world's diverse fauna and to protect its flora."

The company has published three other books in this format, including South Africa, Carnival in Venice and London. The books are on sale at many leading book stores, and are also popular sellers in curio shops at game lodges. Some of the range of books published by the Hoberman collection are available in the Park Shops in the Kruger National Park. For more information on the newly available dumpy books, contact

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