Okavango To Renew Commitment To The Wilderness Foundation

© Shem Compion

The wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Botswana will be home to conservation legend Dr Ian Player for 10 days in early June. Dr Player will be refuelling his love of the wilderness together with the chairman of the Wilderness Foundation, Andrew Muir, and an American fundraiser who helps the foundation fulfil its goals of the world.

The three men are journeying into the pristine wilderness of Botswana under the guidance of Alan McSmith, who will lead the expedition first through the southern section of the delta, where dugout mokoro canoes will be used to explore the wetland.

From there Alan and the group will travel to the north eastern part of the delta, where there are no vehicles and all game viewing is done on foot. Alan says that recent local rains have made the delta wetter than can be expected from its normal winter floods.

The trip will close with a visit to the panhandle of the delta, to visit Tsodilo Hills, where ancient cave paintings and archaeological artefacts point to continued human settlement for hundreds of years. The area is a world heritage site, and is known for its spiritual aspects.

Visit the Okavango Delta and experience it for yourself.

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