Mpumalanga History To Be Translated, Recorded In A Book

© Roger de la Harpe

Mpumalanga's pre-colonial history manuscript will be published in a book form and translated into other South African languages reports Sizwe samaYende in Bua News. The Mpumalanga Heritage Research Project can be read on the provincial government's website.

The project comprises in-depth research by a team of prominent historians, archaeologists, geologists, and rock art experts, which was led by Professor Peter Delius from Wits University.

It covers anything from human history that stretches back 40 000 years ago, mining, ruined stonewalled cities of African empires, anti-colonial warriors, liberation struggle heroes and the Stone Age San rock art.

Mpumalanga premier Thabang Makwetla said that the manuscript would also be published in a simplified version so that it could be understandable to the general public. Mr Makwetla added that the province would need to source more funds to do so.

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