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Skukuza Kids Enter The Computer Age

Many children have access to computer classes at school and many children even have their own computers at home. Skukuza Primary and many of its children are not as fortunate. The Pretoria region of the Sanparks Honorary Rangers learnt about the school's need for computers and extra stationery, and decided to lend a helping hand to make a difference.

"Modern technology has become important even in the heart of the African bush. GPS technology is being used to track and study animals, and computers plot the season's veld fires. That is why the children of Skukuza Primary need to be computer literate. They need to be prepared to function competently in modern society," says Erika Lemmer of the Pretoria region Honorary Rangers.

Various companies were approached for their support and Unisa and Sylvara Technology donated 10 computers and other hardware. Stationery was also received from the BIC Graphic Department and various other sources.

The Skukuza Primary School still needs twenty more computers for each pupil to have access to his or her own computer during a lesson and not to have to share it with two or three other pupils. The current computer room is also in need of urgent upgrading.

Any person or company who wishes to help with this project is welcome to contact Honorary Ranger Erika Lemmer on 0845675580

New Venture Launched To Assist Entrepreneurs

If you want to start your own business, the Palabora Foundation has launched Business Development, a non-profit programme that will help many previously disadvantaged people in the Greater Ba-Phalaborwa area to realise their dreams.

By providing training and mentoring, Business Development enables local people to start their own businesses, whatever their level of education or business skills. According to programme head, Jenni Fleming, there are plenty of people with great business ideas who simply need a helping hand to reach success. "I was at the bank this morning, helping one of our clients to organise a bank loan", says Jenni.

"Tomorrow I might be helping someone to write a business plan or going New venture launched to assist entrepreneurs in through their budget with them. We don't do the work for people, but we guide them through the processes and explain how the business world works".

Training courses include subjects such as business management, budgeting, customer care, book-keeping and tendering procedures. However, advice and mentoring covers every aspect of starting and running a business, from discussing an idea to maintaining good relations with customers.

Being run and partly funded by The Palabora Foundation, the programme has direct links to Palabora Mining Company, giving new BEE companies a head start in complying with the mine's requirements for tendering. However, the programme also creates links and encourages networking with other local companies. Further funding comes from the government's Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) and the European Union.

Business Development runs from offices both in Namakgale and at PMC, but Jenni stressed that she is able to meet people in Phalaborwa town as well if necessary, recognising that many potential clients have limited transport and may be working in town. She encourages anyone who is interested to give her a call on 072 212 0676.

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