Operation Cyclone

Skukuza Police Crack Down On Crime

A two-pronged initiative is currently cracking down on crime in the Kruger National Park, with the Skukuza police recently arresting five suspects who were wanted for crimes including fraud, housebreaking and armed robbery. The five suspects were all wanted in connection with old cases, some from as long ago as 1997.

While many of those arrested were picked up near Kruger, one suspect was arrested as far away as Pretoria. According to Detective Inspector Cobus Nel, the Skukuza police are also following up on two more outstanding warrants of arrest for old crimes as part of the national police initiative, Operation Cyclone. 

The Skukuza police have also stepped up their visible policing efforts, with increased patrolling of the roads and gates as well as setting up road blocks. This is as a forerunner to the festive season. Det Insp Nel reports that although there has been little crime recently, they are expecting the crime rate to increase with the school holidays just around the corner.

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