Skukuza Congregation Celebrates 20 years With Coral Tree

For the children of the Pro-Vita Sunday school in the Skukuza staff village in the Kruger National Park (KNP), Arbor Day held special significance this year because it involved a three-fold celebration. In their planting of a coral tree, the children not only celebrated Arbor Day and the coming of spring, but they also planted a living memorial to the Skukuza church's 20-year anniversary of its Afrikaans congregation.

On Wednesday September 6, 2006 the children planted not only the coral tree, but also a number of indigenous shrubs and flowers in a new garden laid out by Michele Hofmeyr. The children raised the money for all the plants themselves, and then willingly set to work to beautify the church and its surroundings with shovels and spades.

Now that the planting is complete, the money left over will go towards the purchase of a birdbath for the garden. In time a small plaque will be placed in the garden so that the Sunday school's contribution to the church will be remembered.

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