Massingir Dam Rehabilitation

The dam wall of the Massingir dam is an earth embankment 4 600m long with a maximum height of 46m. The rehabilitation of the dam entails the following activities:

  • foundation grouting of a 2000m long part of the earth embankment
  • construction of 85 large diameter pressure relief wells
  • construction of drainage structures down stream of the berm
  • rock grouting below the core of the right embamkment
  • repair of the rip rap on the upstream face of the dam. The rhyolite rock will come from a quarry located about 25km from the dam
  • Re-establishment of the quarry with aggregate crushing facility, airfield access and runway rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Structural upgrading of the spillway and installation of the spillway gates and stoplogs
  • Dam instrumentation
  • Rehabilitation of maintenance during construction of access roads and related drainage infrastructure (4km of internal roads and 00m of collecting drains, main road from Maccaratan to Massingir, road to rock quarry)
  • Fencing the dam, airfield and Massingir village
  • Upgrading and maintenance of infrastructure and services for social community facilities in Massingir village, Massingir Hospital, De Tihivene Primary School and provision of recreation facili ties, including water supply, sanitation and internal roads.
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance during construction of the laboratory and work shop at the dam.
  • Resettlement of 500 families around the dam
  • Wildlife, bird and fish studies
  • Archaeological studies
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