New Projects in Kruger

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A number of upgrade and expansion projects in the Kruger National Park has been put out to tender, to be awarded within the next month.

Day Visitor's Facilities

New day visitor's facilities will be constructed at Satara Rest Camp, Letaba Rest Camp and Orpen Rest Camp. The day visitor's areas will be moved from their current locations inside the respective camps to 'outside' the camp area. This is to alleviate the current demand on the existing facilities. Each day visitor's area will have its own swimming pool, kiosk, ablution facility, braai area and lapa, fenced in by a low impact  fence. At Satara, the main entrance to the camp will be moved almost in line with the shop. The day visitor's area will be erected on the right side as you enter the camp.

At Letaba, the facility will be moved to the site between the gravel road turn-off to Olifants Camp and the main entrance, also on the right hand side. This will place the site roughly at the back of the shop. In addition, overnight visitors at Letaba will now also enjoy the benefits of a new swimming pool inside the camp. At Orpen, day visitors will be able to use a new facility closer to the current first gate to the camp.

There will only be one entrance to Orpen, allowing visitors the option to drive straight to Satara, without entering the Orpen main camp. The administration and reception areas will also be moved about 20m, across from the current road, almost directly opposite the filling station. The technical team hopes to move the filling station closer to the current 'first' gate.

Upgrading of Tourism Accommodation

Certain tourism accommodation units at Satara, Shingwedzi, Orpen and Lower Sabie and Pretoriuskop will be upgraded. The team had pilot huts constructed at Satara and Shingwedzi to finalise specifications and standards required. The huts in both the Circle B of Satara and Shingwedzi will be upgraded accordingly. At Orpen, 12 units will be upgraded and renovated.

Phalaborwa Gate

New regional offices for the northern region will be constructed at the Phalaborwa gate. The project will include the construction of the new research facilities and offices, to be managed by the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON). The tender for the upgrade and reconstruction of the new gate at Phalaborwa will be advertised soon.

Sewage Works

The current sewage systems at Lower Sabie and Satara are under pressure and will be upgraded. The Park utilises a three-section system, comprising septic tanks, oxidation ponds and artificial wetlands. The sewage works will be moved further from the main camps.

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