Volunteer Interns Ready To Start Work At Reserves

Kruger Park News Archive

The 2006 Global Vision International (GVI) interns got together for the last time at Letaba Rest camp before they were scattered to the various Sanparks reserves across the country for the rest of the year.

The group, comprising volunteers from England, Australia, the United States of America, Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand, did some training before they had to brave the wilderness and adventure most of them hope to find while on the programme.

They will be placed in the Sanparks' People and Conservation departments at the various reserves at departments or projects where their skills are most needed. They are often asked to assist with the implementation of policies and programmes developed by Sanparks to integrate local communities into conservation of the natural and cultural heritage sites within the parks.

What some of them expect: Tim Pegg of the USA will be going to Table Mountain Nature Reserve: "To gain knowledge of the interaction between conservation and people." Claire Buller from Australia is going to Bontebok Nature Reserve: "To experience a new culture and experience new wonderful things."

Joël Roerig from the Netherlands is on his way to Mapungubwe: "I have lived in Africa for some time and am up for a change, and would like different work experience from what I have now" (Joël is a journalist). Alex Mayers from England will settle at Golden Gate for the year: "Being a teacher in England I work with children a lot and would like to see how it is done here."

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