Section Ranger Learns About Seychelles Wildlife

Malelane section ranger Bruce Leslie is currently in the Seychelles on a skills exchange programme, which will see him sharing the knowledge gained over 15 years in the Kruger National Park with his counterparts in Nature Seychelles, the equivalent of Sanparks. The exchange programme is one of the ways in which Nature Seychelles strives to promote and improve its conservation initiatives.

Bruce is working on Cousin Island, which owned by BirdLife International and is a refuge for several highly endangered bird species, an important breeding ground for hawksbill turtles and home to the world's largest millipede, an enormous number of lizard species and giant land tortoises.

While there, he will assist and provide input into the various scientific research projects that are ongoing on the island, and learn more about the conservation challenges facing the Seychelles.

He will also put into action skills learnt as a trails ranger in Kruger by helping with the walking tours that occur on the island. Bruce will be returning to Kruger and his wife Lynn and their two children Adam (6) and Brendan (2) in March. Lynn is looking forward to his return, "I'm feeling excited on his behalf, but sad that he's not here", but says that it was an opportunity not to be missed.

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