Tips For an Enjoyable Stay and Wildlife Experience in Kruger Park

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Read the basic guidelines or rules of the Kruger Park that are handed out at the gates on entering. Transgressions are punishable with fines. These rules have been put in place to ensure that we protect our wildlife heritage and to ensure that all in the Park will have an enjoyable stay.

  • Leave early when the gates open, especially in summer when activities are highest during the early cool hours of the day
  • Look at and for the smaller creatures, the "big ones" will show themselves
  • Take a break during midday when most of the diurnal animals are having a  "siesta"
  • Drive slowly as speeding is hazardous to both the Park's creatures and other visitors. Maps are available at all the gates and camps, plan your route carefully so that you not need to rush to meet gate closing times
  • Remember to book your night drive at your end destination early to avoid  disappointment
  • The guided day bush walks will expose you to an informative experience of aspects not normally encountered from a vehicle. A must if you stay in the Park for a few days
  • When driving avoid driving over animal dung. There are a number of insects and other creatures that utilise the dung as a food source. Driving over dung kills these mostly invisible creatures
  • Keep your eyes open for smaller creatures crossing the road. Chameleons, snakes etc are often killed because drivers fail to notice them crossing a road
  • Do not attempt to kill snakes crossing roads - they fulfil an important ecological role in any ecosystem

Information compiled by Hennie van Deventer, F.G.A.S.A. level 111 sks guide.

By Hennie van Deventer

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