Water Brings Life to Kruger Campsite

After months of searching, hydrologists have finally struck water in sufficient quantities to allow plans to go ahead to build a new rustic campsite about seven kilometres south of Mopani. Located near the seasonal Tsendze River, the proposed campsite will cater for those individuals who like to holiday away from it all without the modern comforts of electricity and shops.

Regional manager for northern Kruger, Ben van Eeden, says the campsite will be different to Kruger's other sites, and will allow visitors to enjoy true bush quality and atmosphere. "It will not be an open area. There will be individual sites with privacy". The new camping grounds will have 30 sites that can be booked, plus four reserve sites for emergencies.

Lights for the ablution facilities will be solar-powered, and gas will be used to provide warm water. Van Eeden says that the park identified the need several years ago for this type of camping, and funds were sourced to create the camp. Locating the campsite near the Tsendze River provides great scenic beauty and provides alternative accommodation between Letaba Rest Camp and Shingwedzi Rest Camp

Van Eeden adds that the site will be a perfect stop over for those en route to the Giriyondo border post and a camping experience in Mozambique. However, the environmental impact process that was started about 18 months ago found that the known water resources would not sustain the camp.

Planning came to a halt while hydrologists looked for water, and after several months of searching a suitable borehole was finally drilled in early November. Van Eeden estimates that construction of the campsite will only take about six months to complete, as it is designed to have a limited impact.

By Melissa Wray In Kruger National Park

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