Rehabilitation of the Smallholder Agricultural Scheme at Xai Xai

The agricultural irrigation project is in the Gaza province of Mozambique, and will be implemented over five years. The project area covers 9000ha. According to the Aru-Sol brochure the following activities are foreseen:
  • rehabilitation of 22km of main earth drainage canals
  • rehabilitation of 52 km of secondary earth dainage canals
  • reconstruction of new drainage pump station
  • construction of one large pipe culvert
  • construction of several weirs and field intake structures
  • rehabilitation of 30km of existing gravel roads
  • rehabilitation of 60km of gravel tracks
  • construction of farming training centre.
  • The project includes the training of about 6000 farmers, and the implementation of a formal credit facility to smallholders.
  • The development of an operational system to prevent salt intrusion due to tidal action at Xai-Xai.
  • Kruger National Park - South African Safari