Siltation in the Olifants River to be Studied

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Will Kruger get a cleaner Olifants River? Tenders are being invited to study the effect that the silt in the Phalaborwa Barrage is having on the aquatic life downstream in the Olifants River.

The Phalaborwa Barrage has previously been implicated in massive fish deaths in the Kruger National Park's section of the Olifants River.

In the past, when the sluices of the barrage have been opened, large amounts of silt have flooded out, harming the fishes' gills and leading to their death. Many other aquatic species are also affected by the de-oxygenated, silt-laden water.

Lepelle Northern Water, in charge of the barrage, estimates that silt and other organic materials that have flowed into the dam have reduced its storage capacity by at least 85 percent.

The site inspection for the silt impact study will take place on February 14, 2005 and all tender documents should be submitted by March 7, 2005.

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