SANParks Salutes Pioneering Wildlife Vet

Toni Harthoorn, a wildlife veterinarian died in Pretoria at the age of 89. Harthoorn will be remembered for being part of a team that developed the drug, M-99 (etorphine hydrochloride), which is still used extensively in game capture operations in South Africa.

The team also refined the tranquilliser gun that is used when darting animals during capture. "This was an enormous breakthrough in animal transport and enabled the safe movement of many rare animals from places in which they were at risk from poaching or development to game sanctuaries. The research effort and its eventual triumph is recorded in Dr Harthoorn's first book: The Flying Syringe. " (Wikipedia)

South African National Parks (SANParks) conveyed its condolences to the family of Harthoorn, whose efforts to protect the rhino were insurmountable. He worked with Operation Rhino to save rhinos from extinction. Dr David Mabunda, chief executive officer, SANParks said, "His death is a great loss to the conservation sector and our sympathy goes out to the family for the loss of their loved one".

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