Civet [Civettictis Civetta]


Civets are beautifully marked but secretive nocturnal animals with bushy coats with black and white spots and stripes. Civets are good swimmers. They feed mostly on spiders, snakes, millipedes, small mammals and birds but also eat fruit, berries and other vegetable matter. Civets secrete an oily substance from anal glands when they are excited.

Vital Statistics

Weight (Female)
9,7 - 20 kg

Weight (Male)
9,5 - 13,2 kg

Length (Female)
1,3 m

Length (Male)
1,3 m

Gestation Period
2 months

No of Young
2 - 4




1 - 4 young are born from August - December after a gestation period of ± 2 months.

Spoor Description

Has 5 toes on the fore- and hind-feet, but only 4 toes show in the spoor of the fore- and hind-feet, as the first toes are set far back and do not touch the ground. The claws mark clearly in the spoor.
Kruger National Park - South African Safari