Enviro Perspectives Photos with Dave Rushworth

Find the Indian chief in his feathered cape between the two eyes of the wavy owl.
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Art on the Wing

This week Dave lets nature speak for itself, through the eye of his camera lens, and reminds us to take another look at everything, saying that, "Caught up in the scientific 'knowledge' and intensity of management, we tend to lose the wonder of creation and overlook the intricate artwork around us.

Here are a few hidden characters - some with a presumed function and others just a figment of the imagination! If you look around you will find many others - large and small."

Foetus in the eye of the citrus swallow-tail.

Psychedelic lion of the 'citrus swallowtail butterfly.

Sly fox of the banana hawk.

Evil wolf of the common nephele hawk-moth.

The 'morning after' - in the moon moth.

Under wing is the scheming cat.

Happiness is - the cream-striped owl.

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