The Mud Builders

Mud nests of a Potter Wasp The delicate mud-tube entrance to the nest of the mud wasp - Tricarinodynerus guerinii - which has taken over the hole of a carpenter bee. One of a variety of hard shelled cuckoo wasps with the interesting name of Stilbum cyanurum.
Typical mud, fibre and resin nest of one of the 'solitary' Megachilid bees. The nest of the whitethroated swallow Tube entrances to the nests of T. guerinii in an abandoned nest of A. natalense. Note the different types of mud used in the construction.
The dome-shaped construction of the lesser striped swallow. With an orange-tipped abdomen - Anterhynchium natalense is one of the mud wasps that take over or construct multi-chambered nests. With a an orange abdomen - Tricarinodynerus guerinii - is one of many mud wasps with similar habits.

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