Breaking the Rules Could be a Costly Affair

Drivers who disobey the KNP "rules of the road" will also be in for the high jump if they:

  • Use un-roadworthy, unregistered or unlicensed vehicles in the KNP (R500)
  • Overtake in an unsafe manner, including overtaking on a crest of a hill, bend or any other place where vision is restricted (R500)
  • Reckless and negligent driving (R1 000 or Court)
  • Neglecting to drive on the left hand side of the road unless without obstructing or endangering or disturbing any animal (R200)
  • Neglect to give driving signals (R200)
  • Reversing carelessly (R200)
  • Driving on a no-entry road (R500)
  • Leaving the road anywhere other than a parking area in a rest camp (R200)
  • Damaging the surface of a roadway
  • Inconsiderate driving (R400) and various other offences
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