Suspected poachers killed in Kruger

View of a poached rhino with horn cut out.

In an anti-poaching operation carried out on the evening of Saturday, 6 October 2012, Kruger National Park (KNP) rangers killed an armed suspect in the Crocodile Bridge section of the Park. This was after the rangers came into contact with three armed suspects. A shoot-out ensued and one of the suspects was killed, while another sustained gunshot wounds and was kept under police guard in hospital. The third suspect managed to escape.

A 375 hunting rifle and ammunition were recovered at the scene and police are investigating the matter.

On Monday, 27 August, rangers in the Shangoni section killed a suspected rhino poacher in an anti-paoching operation. A firearm and a set of rhino horns were recovered. On the same day in the Lower Sabie Section of the KNP three suspected poachers were arrested and a firearm and an axe were recovered.

In a follow-up anti-poaching operation at Crocodile Bridge Section on Tuesday, 28 August 2012, rangers came into contact with another group of suspected poachers, where one suspected poacher was wounded and two killed, another firearm and two axes were recovered.

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