Sable Antelope

Sable Antelope.


Sable Antelope [Hippotragus niger]


The handsome Sable Antelope is the national animal of Zimbabwe and is one of the most sought after for photographers and trophy hunters alike due to its scimitar horns. They are very aggressive when it comes to danger, defending themselves fiercely against Lions, Hyenas and Wild Dogs. They will lie down and defend themselves with their horns as a last resort. Breeding herds are led by cows.

Vital Statistics

Weight (Female)
180 - 250 kg
Weight (Male)
180 - 250 kg
Gestation Period
9 months
No of Young
1 calf
Sexual Maturity
2 years
Birth Weight
15 kg
100 cm (record - 154 cm)


A single young is born from January - March after a gestation period of 8 months.

Spoor Description

The Sable Antelope's spoor is very much similar to the Roan Antelope's. It is smaller, though, and narrower.

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