Cape Clawless Otter

Cape Clawless Otter.


Cape Clawless Otter [Aonyx Capensis]


The Cape Clawless Otter is a robust animal and is both nocturnal and diurnal, often found away from water. They feed on crabs, molluscs, fish, birds and a range of rodents and amphibians. They have an acute sense of smell and well-developed canines.

Vital Statistics

Weight (Female)
10 - 18 kg
Weight (Male)
10 - 18 kg
Length (Female)
130 cm
Length (Male)
130 cm
Gestation Period
2 months
No of Young
2 - 3 cubs


1 (sometimes 2) young are born throughout the year after a gestation period of 9 weeks. The female has 2 pairs of breast mammae.

Spoor Description

The Cape Clawless Otter has 5 toes on the fore- and hind-feet. Those on the hind-feet are webbed for half their length, while webbing on the fore-feet is barely perceptible. In soft mud the 5 toes, the intermediate pads and the proximal pads show clearly in the spoor. In firm mud only an indication of the proximal pads may show.

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