Priceless Roan Antelope Sighting

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I went to Kruger (far northern part) as a day visitor on the 24th September 2007. While at Shingwedzi Rest Camp, I bought Kruger Park Times, volume 4, Issue 8 newspaper.

The article that caught my eye is about the roan antelopes. After reading the article 'Priceless sighting' by Alexander Braczkowski, I knew what the author was talking about. Although these animals are shy, I always find one or two roan antelopes close to Babalala Picnic spot.

On the way back to Punda Maria Rest Camp, I spotted a rare sighting of more than 15 roan antelopes (we counted them) at the same spot close to Babalala. The Sanparks officials at Babalala told me that the antelopes drink water at the nearby windmill waterhole. 

Questions: (We asked scientific services in the Kruger National Park to answer Adolph's questions)

1. Does it mean that 90 percent of roan antelopes in the park are found around Babalala area?
Scientific services: Yes there are only two reasonable herds that we know of. One of these herds uses the Babalala waterhole during some seasons.

2. Are roan antelopes solitary animals?
Scientific services: No but the bulls tend to be solitary

3. Were these animals initially released at Babalala when they were brought to the park?
Scientific services: No - roan have roamed over large parts of the park and especially the northern plains

4. Do roan and sable sometimes graze together?
Scientific services: Very seldom as they prefer very different habitats

5. Do roan and sable interbreed?
Scientific services: No they are separate species Remain blessed, Thank you

Adolph A. Rasengane

Roan Antelope

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