Upgrades at Satara

At Satara Main Camp visitors will notice development and construction worth R10,4-million over the next few months. A day visitor's site and swimming pool is being added to the camp and will be completed by June 2006.

The caravan park and some of the accommodation units will also be upgraded, with these projects' completion dates scheduled for the first half of next year. The Frankel Guest House, which was destroyed by fire recently, is also being rebuilt and scheduled to be reopened soon.

The rebuild of the Frankel Guest House will be funded by the KNP. Satara will also receive an upgrade of its sewer works and oxidation plant, which will be completed by the end of February next year.

Satara Rest Camp

Satara Rest Camp is the Kruger National Park's third biggest rest camp, providing a range of Kruger National Park accommodation. Satara is o...more
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