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Bat-earred fox  Nigel Dennis

Kruger Park Wildlife Facts | Carnivores. Dogs

images Information: It's interesting to note that where lions represent honest power and authority in the human consciousness, the hyaena is a universal symbol
Outpost Safari Lodge

Help on Private Lodge Safaris

images Information: In this guide you will find helpful information with regard to staying in a Private Game Lodge in the Kruger Park on a Guided Safari
Self-drive safari in Kruger National Park.

Help on Self-Drive Safari

images Information: In this section there is help and guidance for self-drive visitors on safari in Kruger Park. You will find information on how to go about it and what
Pink Backed Pelican  Nigel Dennis

Images of a Great African Park. Birdlife

images Information: Bird life in Kruger Park is many and varied. The Park is home to the majority of South African raptors, while vultures occur most in central grasslands
Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport

Fly to Kruger International from Cape Town

images Information: Fly direct to Kruger Park from Cape Town International Airport. Flight Booking Service is only available in conjunction with accommodation bookings
Decor at Hamilltons

Help on General Questions

images Information: These are some of our guests most frequently asked questions about travelling in Kruger National Park, including health and safety, conservation fees
Giraffe on safari

Kruger Moments

images Information: There were a few vultures sitting in some trees a distance off the road. I could not see what they were waiting on but I deduced that there was a kill
African Hawk Eagle. G Cooke

Getting To Kruger National Park, South Africa

images Information: There are two ways of getting to Kruger National Park: By Air or by Road. Siyabona Africa can book your airline flight into Hoedspruit Airport or Kruger
Types of lizards.

Kruger Park Photography Guide for a Photographic Safari

images Information: This Kruger Park photography guide suggests the best locations and routes for photography in Kruger Park. Enjoy a photo safari and take amazing wildlife

Kruger Park Wildlife Facts | Grazers and Browsers

images Information: The distribution of animals in Kruger depends largely on the time of year and the quality of grazing in each area. Migration patterns have been
Porcupine  Nigel Dennis

Kruger Park Wildlife Facts | Small Creatures

images Information: Porcupines are the largest African rodents, weighing up to 27kg. Although they are common in Kruger, they are rarely seen because of their nocturnal

Game Drive in the Southern Mopaneveld. Around Olifants, Letaba Area

images Information: The area around Letaba has long been a site of human habitation. Archaeologists believe that some of the first Bantu-speaking people moving into southern
Photo of Giraffe family.

Game Drive Safari from Phabeni to Skukuza

images Information: The two main options are to take the upper Sabie River Road (S3), a dirt road that tracks the Sabie River to Paul Kruger Gate, or the main tar road
Giraffe up close

Game Drives from Letaba to Olifants in the Southern Mopaneveld

images Information: There are two main choices travelling between Letaba and Olifants. These are the main Letaba-Olifants tar road (H1-5) and the slightly longer Letaba
Elephant calf

Game Drives from Letaba to Mopani

images Information: There is a single main road linking Letaba and Mopani camps, but there are a number of detours off this road including the Tsendze Loop and the Nshawu

Explore the Far North of Kruger Park

images Information: The far north of Kruger is unique. This is because it is in the tropics, and the geological base is sandstone rather than the granites and basalt
leopard in the dark  Heirich van den Berg

Kruger National Park Wildlife Facts | Leopards

images Information: Leopards are the least social and perhaps the most beautiful of the African big cats. They usually keep to themselves, lurking in dense riverine
Baobab. Brett Hilton-Barber

Medicinal Uses of Trees

images Information: Kruger Park is a tree-lover's heaven. In all the regions, barring the mopane shrubveld, there are extraordinary trees some 336 species in all
Safari guest in a wheelchair stroking a Cheetah.

Kruger Park Safari Adventures for the Disabled

images Information: Wheelchair-friendly accommodation and safaris for the disabled in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Information for the disabled traveller visiting
Rhino Crossing Road

Game Drive from Numbi Gate to Skukuza

images Information: The most direct route from Numbi to Skukuza is along the Napi Road (H1-1). A slightly longer route is via the Albasini Road (S3) (see page 149) and
Waterbuck  Nigel Dennis

Kruger Park Wildlife Facts | Grazers and Browsers | Antelope

images Information: Most of Africa's herbivores can be classified as either grazers of grass or browsers of leaves off trees. Some animals, like the elephant and impala, do
Bat-eared fox. Nigel Dennis

Game Drives around Tshokwane

images Information: Tshokwane, a major stop on the Kruger Park savanna highway between north and south, has a picnic area, provision store and gift shop as well as

Game Drive from Malelane to Skukuza

images Information: two main options of getting from Malelane to Skukuza are on the tar road (H3) via Afsaal or along the dust road (S114) via Biyamiti Weir
Animals have roight of way in Kruger Park. Brett Hilton Barber

Your Kruger Park Self-Drive Safari Guide

images Information: Undoubtedly the best way to experience the Kruger Park is to have one's own vehicle in which to travel around. A Kruger Park self-drive safari gives
Buffalo hewrd arriving at a river. Hilton-Barber

Explore the North of Kruger Park

images Information: The northern expanse of mopaneveld north of Letaba to the Shingwedzi alluvial flood plains has fewer animals than most other parts of the Park
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