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Self-drive safari in Kruger National Park.

Help on Self-Drive Safari

Krugerpark News Information: In this section there is help and guidance for self-drive visitors on safari in Kruger Park. You will find information on how to go about it and what
Elephant and Calf at waterhole. R Miller

Best time to visit Kruger National Park

Krugerpark News Information: Find out when is the best time to visit Kruger National Park in South Africa. Game-viewing in Kruger Park is best in winter but some visitors prefer the

Explore the Far North of Kruger Park

Krugerpark News Information: The far north of Kruger is unique. This is because it is in the tropics, and the geological base is sandstone rather than the granites and basalt
Greater Blue-earred Starling. G Cooke

Kruger National Park Birding Guide

Krugerpark News Information: A Guide to Kruger Park birds and birding in Kruger National Park. Generally camps and waterholes are the best places for bird-watching and late summer
Greater Blue-earred Starling. G Cooke

Kruger Park Game Drives by Region

Krugerpark News Information: Handy self-drive traveller's guide to Kruger Park Game Drives by Region including game viewing self-drive routes to Olifants and Letaba
Children on a safari game drive.

Children on Safari | A Family Holiday in Kruger Park

Krugerpark News Information: Parents and children in Kruger Park can enjoy a wonderful family safari holiday. Here you find advise on the best routes, activities and accommodation
Greater Blue-earred Starling

Game Drive along Luvuvhu River and Nyala Drive

Krugerpark News Information: The Luvuvhu River (above) is believed to have got its name from the Venda word for river bushwillow (muvuvhu). It forms the western boundary of Kruger
Herd of Buffalo in the Kruger National Park. Nigel Dennis

Game Drive around Punda Maria

Krugerpark News Information: There are two main routes linking Punda Maria to the main Shingwedzi Pafuri road (H1-8). These are the S60 past Gumbandebvu Hill and the Punda Maria
Parfuri picnic site

Game Drive around the Pafuri Area

Krugerpark News Information: Among the rarer birds that may be seen at Pafuri and along the Luvuvhu River, are the thick-billed cuckoo, racket-tailed roller, Narina trogon and
Eland.Brett Hilton-Barber

Game Drive from Klopperfontein to Parfuri

Krugerpark News Information: Klopperfontein is the main centre of animal activity between Punda Maria and the Luvuvhu River. It is a transition zone between the mopaneveld
Leopard on the prowl

Game Drive from Mahonie Loop

Krugerpark News Information: The 28-km Mahonie Loop around Punda Maria is a marvellous introduction to the sandveld. Named after the pod mahogany tree, of which there are
Wid dogs. Brett Hilton-Barber

Game Drive from Punda Maria Gate

Krugerpark News Information: Punda Maria Gate is the direct access point into far northern Kruger from Gauteng. Set in mixed sandveld woodlands below Thulamila Koppie
Big Baobab at Makulele. Brett Hilton-Barber

Game Drive in Makuleke Wilderness Area

Krugerpark News Information: The Makuleke Conservancy is the jewel of northern Kruger. The 24 000-ha private concession is located between the Luvuvhu River to the south and
Leopard sniffing for clues. Albert Froneman

Self-drive in the Far North. Pafuri Gate

Krugerpark News Information: Pafuri Gate is about six-and-a-half hours' drive from Johannesburg and is the most northerly entrance to Kruger. It is situated in mopane woodland
Pink Backed Pelican  Nigel Dennis

Images of a Great African Park. Birdlife

Krugerpark News Information: Bird life in Kruger Park is many and varied. The Park is home to the majority of South African raptors, while vultures occur most in central grasslands
wild dog

Explore Kruger Park's Central Grasslands

Krugerpark News Information: The central grasslands have the highest lion population in Kruger. That's because of the availability of prey. The nutritious grasses support some of the
Leopard with Kill. Heinrich van den Berg

Explore the Skukuza Area of Kruger Park

Krugerpark News Information: The Sabie River bush between Skukuza and Lower Sabie has one of the highest concentrations of leopard in the world.
Jackals on the run. G Cooke

Game Drives around Engelhard Dam

Krugerpark News Information: The best way to experience Engelhard Dam is along the S62, which runs east off the Letaba-Mopani Road just after Letaba River Bridge and along
Elephant and calf at river. G Cooke

Game Drive around Olifants in the Southern Mopaneveld

Krugerpark News Information: The landscape south of Olifants is unique to this part of Kruger, Olifants rugged veld is a rocky, wooded habitat that is a combination of knob-thorn
Letaba River. Hilton Barber

Game Drive from Phalaborwa to Letaba

Krugerpark News Information: The main route between Phalaborwa Gate and Letaba is the H-9 past Masorini. Alternatively one can take the S131 dust road, a road of featureless
Sable Ram

Game Drive in the Phlaborwa Gate Area

Krugerpark News Information: The character of northern Kruger is entirely different from that of the south. This is because of the drier climate and the dominance of one main

Game Drive in the Southern Mopaneveld. Around Olifants, Letaba Area

Krugerpark News Information: The area around Letaba has long been a site of human habitation. Archaeologists believe that some of the first Bantu-speaking people moving into southern
Elephant calf

Game Drives from Letaba to Mopani

Krugerpark News Information: There is a single main road linking Letaba and Mopani camps, but there are a number of detours off this road including the Tsendze Loop and the Nshawu
Hyena and Pup

Game Drives from Letaba to Mozambique

Krugerpark News Information: The route between Letaba Camp and the Mozambique border post of Giriyondo includes the main Mopani Camp road (H1-6) and the Giriyondo Road (H15)
Giraffe up close

Game Drives from Letaba to Olifants in the Southern Mopaneveld

Krugerpark News Information: There are two main choices travelling between Letaba and Olifants. These are the main Letaba-Olifants tar road (H1-5) and the slightly longer Letaba
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