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Shangaan Perspective

Krugerpark News Information: Over 40 decades ago some of the Shangaan people made their living through hunting game. It was not easy for their children to get a proper education

Vulnerable teens warned off dagga

Krugerpark News Information: Teenagers who use cannabis and have a family history of mental illness are 25 percent more likely to suffer from schizophrenia, delusions and paranoia
Kruger Park Times: Emergency Call Centre...

Emergency Call Centre now available in KNP

Krugerpark News Information: An emergency call center has been opened in the Kruger National Park's Protection Services building in Skukuza. The centre can be reached on 013 735 4325
More elephants collared in APNR.

More elephants collared in APNR

Krugerpark News Information: The research project initiated in 1997 to monitor the movements and behaviour of elephants in the Association of Private Nature Reserves (APNR) bordering
Kruger Park Times: Trashy Visitors at Kruger

Unacceptable behaviour in Shingwedzi

Krugerpark News Information: In the light of the recent Christmas Day celebrations held in Shingwedzi rest camp it is apparent that SANParks is facing a prob lem with regards to the

Giriyondo Border Post

Krugerpark News Information: Lowveld Section Construction of the Mozambican side of the Giriyondo border post started recently. This photo was taken on February
Kruger Park Times: an unusual walking encounter

Lioness and baboons

Krugerpark News Information: I had been following a white rhino track from near the water hole in the hopes of catching up and viewing him, but he seemed to be on a mission and was
Kruger Park Times: White Lions Return To Lowveld

White Lions Return To Lowveld

Krugerpark News Information: Two weeks ago the Global White Lion Protection Trust (GWLPT) translocated four white lions from Sanbona in the Western Cape to their new home bordering

Elephant contraception funded for further five years

Krugerpark News Information: MAKALALI The elephant immuno-contraception programme that has been in place on the 25,000ha Makalali Private Nature Reserve for the last five years has
Kruger Park Times: Winning soccer team, Phalaborwa/ Mahlangene

First soccer tournament held on new pitch

Krugerpark News Information: Mahlangene Ranger Station under Section Ranger, Reckson Seani, hosted a very successful soccer tournament on Sunday, March 6, 2005. The committee

Animal Relocation

Krugerpark News Information: 'What is my life worth?' A poignant account of animal relocation, by Hym Ebedes. 'My name is Simba and I have heard them say that I am the King of the
Baby elephant.

Elephant Population Numbers in Kruger. A Game Wardens Report

Krugerpark News Information: On Elephant Numbers in Kruger In this introductory article Ron Thomson will share his views on the subject of elephant numbers in Kruger National Park.

Scent The nose is faster than the Eye

Krugerpark News Information: Scent and Smell play a very important role in most systems. Despite generally reduced olfactory senses due to abuse and industrial bombardment, most
A Hottentot golden mole (Amblysomus hottentotus).

The Golden Treasure Buried Beneath Kruger's Soil

Krugerpark News Information: There are five golden mole species listed in the top 10 most Critically Endangered mammals of South Africa. Altogether there are 21 species of golden

Berg en Dal Camp Comes of Age

Krugerpark News Information: On Friday, 25 February 2005, Berg en Dal Camp celebrated 21 years of existence. The celebrations were festive and there was a vibrant energy amongst

Ground Hornbill Conservationists Prioritise Future Work

Krugerpark News Information: The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Ground Hornbill Working Group formed a plan of action at their recent Population and Habi- tat Viability Assessment
Kruger Park Times: Phineas Saves Workers From Buffalo Attack

Phineas Saves Workers From Buffalo Attack

Krugerpark News Information: A team from Working for Water had a narrow escape while removing alien plants in the Mhalalakhuhu (where the chickens sleep) area. The team was busy
Kruger Park Times: Proposed Blyde River Canyon National Park

Stakeholders Support Proposed Blyde River Canyon National Park

Krugerpark News Information: The public participation meeting for interested and affected stakeholders regarding the proposed Blyde River Canyon National Park (BRCNP) presented by

Kruger Parks Rhino Go under The Hammer for Conservation

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park Veterinary Wildlife Services Unit has been busy catching rhino for one of its annual rhino auctions. Due to be held on March 12

Rhino Implanted for Research

Krugerpark News Information: A rhino from Makutsi Safari Farm was darted and implanted with a radio transmitter on February 18th, and will be the focus of new research by a local
Kruger Park Times: Top Ten Endangered Mammals in SA: Black Rhino:

Endangered Mammals in SA

Krugerpark News Information: According to The Red Data Book of the Mammals of South Africa: A Conservation Assessment the top ten species identified as critically endangered

No Environmental Impact Assessment yet for the De Hoop Dam

Krugerpark News Information: Although intended to be issued this month, the environmental impact study for the 80 metre high De Hoop dam on the Steelpoort River has not yet been
Kruger Park Times: Massingir Dam

Massingir Dam Rehabilitation

Krugerpark News Information: The dam wall of the Massingir dam is an earth embankment 4 600m long with a maximum height of 46m. The rehabilitation of the dam entails the
Kruger Park Times: Field Ranger, Lance Corporal Wilson Ndlovu

Kruger Ranger Killed by his Namesake

Krugerpark News Information: A field ranger, Lance Corporal Wilson Ndlovu, was attacked and killed by an elephant while he was on normal patrol in the Stoltznek Section of the Kruger
Kruger Park Times: Eastgate International Airport

Eastgate International Airport Licence

Krugerpark News Information: Two years ago, the former premier of Limpopo, Ngoako Ramathlodi, announced his approval of an international licence for Eastgate Airport, which is
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