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A ranger watches out for rhino poachers.

Four Kruger National Park arrested for rhino poaching

Krugerpark News Information: Four Kruger National Park (KNP) staff have been arrested in connection with rhino poaching. The suspects are all based in the Pretoriuskop section
A view of a buffalo at the waterhole.

Kruger buffalo kills suspected fish poacher

Krugerpark News Information: A buffalo killed a suspected fish poacher in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on February 21, 2012. The incident was reported to the Chief of Mavilingwe
The B&B sign overnighters look out for.

Limpopo National Park attract more overnight visitors

Krugerpark News Information: According to the Mozambique News Agency, AIM, the Limpopo National Park (LNP) generated US$200,000 revenue in 2011, which is 7.1 percent more than in
A droplet of our precious water.

Minister launches Water Week with warning to stop stealing

Krugerpark News Information: South Africa's minister of water and environmental affairs Edna Molewa launched Water Week with a visit to farmers who are suspected of illegally
A view of two Kruger National Park Rangers.

248 KNP Rangers threaten strike action

Krugerpark News Information: The front-line battling waves of ruthless rhino poachers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) will face its strongest test with most of its 'soldiers'
The Hadza of Tanzania live as hunter-gatherers.

With a Little Help from Our Ancient Friends

Krugerpark News Information: Ancient humans may not have had the luxury of updating their Facebook status, but social networks were nevertheless an essential component of their lives
A close up view of a leaf covered in dew.

Why Do Dew Drops Do What They Do on Leaves

Krugerpark News Information: To save energy. The answer is based on the fundamental principle of free energy, that everything in nature seeks the lowest possible energy state
A view of the wetlands which are crucial for tourism.

Wetlands crucial for tourism

Krugerpark News Information: Water and environmental affairs deputy minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi celebrated the importance of wetlands conservation and linking wetlands to tourism
A campaign to catch rhino poachers.

Three rhino poachers get 25 years jail time each

Krugerpark News Information: Three rhino poachers were found guilty of illegal rhino hunting at Phalaborwa Regional Court and sentenced to a maximum of 25 years imprisonment
A comical snip on world wetlands awareness.

This years World Wetlands Day focus on tourism

Krugerpark News Information: The World Wetlands Day theme for 2012 is Wetlands and Tourism and is linked to the theme for the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties, COP11
Species extinction and degredation of ecosystems are rapidly accelerating.

The biodiversity crisis may be worse than climate change

Krugerpark News Information: Species extinction and the degradation of ecosystems are proceeding rapidly and the pace is accelerating. The world is losing species at a rate that
Bushmeat confiscated at the USA airport.

Importance of tracking diseases associated with illegal wildlife

Krugerpark News Information: The increase in international travel and trade brings with it an increased risk of unmonitored pathogens via the illegal wildlife trade, said Dr. Denise McAloose
An indian girl.

South Africa reaches out to Indian tourism market

Krugerpark News Information: The number of Indian tourists travelling from India to South Africa has steadily increased by over 122 percent between 2005 and 2010 and South Africa
A close up view of a scorpion.

Scorpions inspire scientists to find better erosion-resistant surfaces

Krugerpark News Information: The yellow fat tail scorpion is amongst the most dangerous in the world. It is found in the dry and desert areas of Africa and the Middle-East
Effects of drastic climate change.

Understanding of the link between agriculture and climate change

Krugerpark News Information: Agricultural practice and policies need to adapt to the impact of climate change - and in ways that are environmentally sustainable. And scientists must
Troops prepare to controll high levels of rhino poaching.

Rhino Poaching Electrify fence

Krugerpark News Information: About 300 rhinos will probably be poached this year. So predicted South Africa's deputy director on biodiversity and conservation, Fundisile Mketeni, of
A view of the wetlands.

Rarely do a restored wetland match conditions of the original

Krugerpark News Information: “Once you degrade a wetland, it doesn't recover its normal assemblage of plants or its rich stores of organic soil carbon, which both affect
An x-ray view and transparent view of a disected frog.

New species of tiny frog is worlds smallest vertebrate

Krugerpark News Information: Researchers have found two new frog species in New Guinea, one of which is the new smallest known vertebrate on Earth. The results are reported in the Jan
Two locals collecitng things in the river.

New freshwater ecosystem atlas

Krugerpark News Information: How many and which rivers and wetlands do we have to maintain in a natural condition to sustain economic and social development, while still conserving
A close-up view of the new viper discovered.

Matildas Horned Viper

Krugerpark News Information: A new species of bush viper has been discovered in Tanzania. Named, Matilda's Horned Viper (Atheris matildae), the snake looks like the Usambara
Exterior view of the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre.

Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre

Krugerpark News Information: The new Interpretation Centre at the Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site is becoming increasingly popular and has clocked its 343 visitor
Interior pilot view from a low cost carrier.

Low cost carrier to begin flights from South Africa to Mombasa

Krugerpark News Information: One of South Africa's low- cost carrier's, 1-Time, will add Mombasa to their network by March 2012. The twice-a-week service to Mombasa will open the
An elephant amoung the animals hunted for their ivory tusks.

International Elephant Foundation supports elephant conservation worldwide

Krugerpark News Information: The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) announced on January 9, 2012 that it will provide more than R1,75 million to support 19 elephant conservation
An Elephant in the wild.

Illegal Ivory trade still strong in Egypt

Krugerpark News Information: Tourists buying ivory are potentiating this illegal trade, making a mockery of CITES and fueling the poaching of Africa's elephants. So says Tom
A view of a bird in a tree.

How the world has changed in 20 years

Krugerpark News Information: The report tracks economic, environmental, social,geopolitical and technological trends. The environmental changes that have swept the planet over the
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