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Baby Rhino poached.

Rhino and Calf Slaughtered

Krugerpark News Information: Circling vultures led some Vlakteplaas rangers to two dead rhino, killed in the vicinity of Langtoon Dam in the Far Northern Region of the Kruger

Reptile hunt now on

Krugerpark News Information: Beginning this year and continuing until 2008, South Africa's reptiles will be the object of close scrutiny. With over 360 species of reptiles, more than

Mans fascination with lions

Krugerpark News Information: Butch Smuts worked in the Kruger National Park for many years, first studying what was causing a decline in zebra populations, and later performing
The Doispan camp with a few tents, vehicles and a close-by elephant.

Last invasive aliens felled

Krugerpark News Information: A joint venture between the Alien Invader Task Group (AITG) of the Honorary Rangers, the Alien Biota Section of Kruger and a People for Wildlife team

Krugers quest for Zero Waste

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park (KNP) is hoping to become a regional leader – in rubbish. A pilot project will be launched in the Phalaborwa region of the park

Have you spotted the Big Six

Krugerpark News Information: The big five mammal species are generally a must-see for tourists to Kruger National Park, but fewer people are aware of the big six. These are six bird

Giriyondo Border Post opening soon

Krugerpark News Information: Although a specific date has yet to be set for the official opening of the Giriyondo Border Post between the Kruger National Park and the Limpopo

Genetically modified foods in SA

Krugerpark News Information: Currently South Africa grows three commercial crops that have been genetically modified, mainly for herbicide and insect tolerance. The three crops are

Elephants go from Kruger to Karoo

Krugerpark News Information: The soft sound of elephant footfalls will once more echo through the sandy lands of the Karoo. A family group of elephants has been translocated from the

Elephant researchers seek financial aid

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger Park Times recently reported on an elephant collaring safari carried out in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The collaring was part of a

Addo overcomes Kruger’s rugby team

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park may have a thriving elephant population, but it seems that the pushing power of Addo's elephants can overpower them
Matumi coppicing.

Floods still affect Sabie’s Matumi trees

Krugerpark News Information: Poking their tender tips into the hostile world, matumi seedlings choose the unlikeliest spots to germinate, unfurling their leaves happily while rooted

Vets for rural villagers

Krugerpark News Information: R100 million has been allocated to Mpumalanga for dams and irrigation schemes. According to Bua News, agriculture MEC Madala Masuku has said that some

Snared leopard released back into wild

Krugerpark News Information: A leopard that had been preying on dogs and cats in the town of Phalaborwa at the end of last year has now been released back into the wild. The leopard
Marius Kruger

Six rhinos for Marakele

Krugerpark News Information: Early mornings in Kruger, just before sunrise, the sounds around the camps signal the start of a new day. Amidst monkeys and birds chattering, and the

Second Wildlife Expo for Limpopo

Krugerpark News Information: Limpopo Tourism and Parks held its second wildlife expo in Vaalwater from May 24 to May 28, 2005. At the wildlife management conference parks manager

Restored heritage site officially opened

Krugerpark News Information: The renovated Masorini site, an archaeological treasure 11km from Phalaborwa towards Letaba Camp in Kruger, was officially opened on Thursday, June 3

Makulekes host World Environment Day celebrations

Krugerpark News Information: World Environment Day was officially celebrated in South Africa at the Makuleke Village, neighbouring the far northern region of the Kruger National Park

Kruger to Canyons biosphere launch

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere is due to be officially launched this month, forming part of the Limpopo activities to celebrate World Environment Week

Government to scrutinise the hunting industry

Krugerpark News Information: A panel of experts convened by Marthinus van Schalkwyk, minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, has until October to present the minister with a

Fast growing underwater volcano found

Krugerpark News Information: Growing at a rate of 20cm per day, a new volcano has been found under the ocean in the Samoan Island chain. Researchers say that the volcano has only
Elephant eating.

Elephants feel it in their feet

Krugerpark News Information: Since the 1980s, people have known that elephants communicate with each other using infrasound – noises pitched too low for the human ear to detect them

Baobabs break for the border

Krugerpark News Information: The latest in a series of translocations for the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) fell out of the usual pattern of herbivore movements. Although

Another borin at the office

Krugerpark News Information: As usual, the alarm woke me at four in the morning. I pried my sleepy eyelids open, drank some coffee and made sure my rifle and equipment were in

American CDC endorses new mosquito repellents

Krugerpark News Information: The American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has just endorsed two new products as being effective ingredients in mosquito repellents. Formerly DEET
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