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Blyde Dam near Forever Resorts Aventura Swadini.

Emergency water supply plans in Limpopo

Krugerpark News Information: With the drought in several districts of Limpopo starting to assume crisis proportions, the provincial government is considering several emergency water

Elephants and fire shaping tree populations

Krugerpark News Information: An icon of the lowveld, the baobab tree is probably one of the most charismatic representatives of the plant kingdom. Popular with humans and animals

Caterpillars snare snails with silk

Krugerpark News Information: Predatory caterpillars roam the greenery of Hawaii in search of snails to devour alive. An article in the journal Science reveals how tiny caterpillars
Ron Thomson

Beware South Africans

Krugerpark News Information: I attended the Great Elephant Indaba that was held at Kruger National Park's Berg-en-Dal camp last year. The debate was whether or not to cull the

Best friend helps save buffalo

Krugerpark News Information: On a wintery Saturday last month, Neels van Wyk, section ranger, at Crocodile Bridge, was called by his field rangers to Halfkroon Spruit where a buffalo
Andre Nel with possible Protea players of the future.

Annual Cricket Clinic

Krugerpark News Information: There is an African proverb that says if you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry. Last weekend
A view of an ancient abandoned mine.

Ancient history of mining protected by modern mine

Krugerpark News Information: A mining company might be thought to be an unlikely custodian of archaeological treasures, but people have been mining in the town of Phalaborwa
Winners of the day: Johan Ferreira, Vincent Letaba, Reuben Matlala and Carl Schmidt.

of firsts for Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: There are always many drivers in the Kruger National Park, but drivers of a different sort were the order of the day at the Kruger National Park's

Up close and personal with the stars

Krugerpark News Information: There is a San story that says the Milky Way owes its origins to a young girl who threw ashes from a fire into the sky to make a visible path. She flung

UNESCO Director visits Mapungubwe National Park

Krugerpark News Information: The director of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation's World Heritage Centre in Paris, Francesco Bandarin, undertook a

Tracking Krugers wildlife

Krugerpark News Information: Even on the quietest of game drives in the Kruger National Park, you can still experience the excitement of being close to one of the big five, and gain

The green alternative to hunting

Krugerpark News Information: The hunter stalks his prey, a huge elephant bull. He stops, a shot is fired. The shot is a good one, but the elephant doesn't drop immediately

Streaking elephants

Krugerpark News Information: The advent of satellite collars into conservation has uncovered a secret previously only guessed at – elephants love to streak across the plains of

Still no black leopard for Camacho

Krugerpark News Information: Gerrie Camacho of the Mpumalanga Parks Board is still watching his camera traps, hoping for a sighting of the elusive black leopard. In the last six

Rangers commemorate hero

Krugerpark News Information: Game rangers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) honoured the memory of Lance Corporal Wilson Ndlovu who was killed in the line of duty on February 22

Plundered Cycads

Krugerpark News Information: The last, exceptionally large, surviving cycad specimen of the Mariepskop variety of Encephalartos laevofolius has been hacked apart in a fouled poaching
Archive photo of white lion at another project.

Opinion on the white lions release remains divided

Krugerpark News Information: The controversy around the re-introduction of white lions in the Klaserie area was once again evidenced by a lively debate following a presentation by

Local is Lekker safaris in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Various Kruger National Park campsites have become home to a community-based safari initiative that will see field guides handpicked from the

Kruger hands over 400 boxes of books

Krugerpark News Information: Circuit managers from 12 school circuits bordering Kruger accepted 400 boxes of books donated by the Kruger National Park (KNP) and its partners. This

Innibos Winner

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park sponsored the third prize for the “Footprint of the Lowveld” photo competition that was held during the Innibos festival in

Enviropaedias donated

Krugerpark News Information: Francois Pienaar, representing the NGO, Make a Difference (MAD), donated several Enviropaedias to trainers and others at one of the Klaserie Private.

Door opens in corridor disease research

Krugerpark News Information: New research has resulted in the mapping of the genome of the parasite that causes corridor disease, or East Coast fever. Corridor disease concerns

Diseases shared by animals and humans

Krugerpark News Information: Zoonosis is not a word that springs readily into the average person's mind, but one that is increasingly being discussed by wildlife vets and ecologists
A view of the Olifants River Gorge taken during the recent fact-finding mission.

Dams potential damage to gorges inspected

Krugerpark News Information: Dr Ian Player and other renowned conservationists again directed attention to the destruction of two of the Kruger National Park's pristine habitats


Krugerpark News Information: As GYMNOSPERMS (the cone bearing plants), the Cycadophyta includes two Families - the Cycadaceae (the Cycas family) - and the Zamiaceae
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