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A close up view of an Albatros sea bird.

Seabirds threatened

Krugerpark News Information: Seabirds are more threatened than any other group of birds. That is according to the findings of a major new review published in the scientific
Researchers analyse ancient footprints.

Ancient footprints reveal origins of elephant ancestors behaviour

Krugerpark News Information: Ancient footprints in the Arabian Desert have left intriguing evidence about how elephant ancestors interacted socially. An international team of
A data sheet of the Ambroselli elephants.

Amboseli elephants reveal interesting insights

Krugerpark News Information: The ivory trade is demanding its pound of flesh from the African elephant. In 2011, Kenya lost 278 elephants to poachers, compared to 177 in 2010. Today
A bar graph depicting eco-index economic and environmental index.

Eco2 Index | Scientists unveil a new economic and environmental index

Krugerpark News Information: Two African countries are amongst the top performers according to a new economic and environmental index developed by University of British Columbia
A tomato with a building illustration image.

Roof top tomatoes, can it work

Krugerpark News Information: German engineer Volkmar Keuter believes it can. “What could be fresher?” In his mind he sees an IT guy signing off for the day, taking the lift (or
The climate change symbol.

What drives public opinion on climate change in the USA

Krugerpark News Information: “Public opinion regarding climate change is likely to remain divided as long as the political elites send out conflicting messages on this issue.” In a
Pictures from US childrens books.

Childrens books in the US are where the wild things arent

Krugerpark News Information: Children's books are no longer featuring creeping crawlies, fierce lions and gentle elephants roaming savannahs or slithering snakes hiding in trees
Colourful flowers within a diverse eco-system.

Theres more to colour than meets the eye

Krugerpark News Information: Plants that depend on insect and other animal pollinators to carry their pollen from one plant to another are using more than their scent, colour and
A group of rangers hold a rhino down when doing the translocation.

Age matters when translocating rhinos

Krugerpark News Information: Wellington is a long way from the continent of Africa but research being conducted at Victoria University is helping restore populations of animals like
Guests enjoying a Campdeboo National Park holiday.

Camdeboo National Park campsite opened

Krugerpark News Information: Camdeboo National Park, which surrounds the town of Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape, opened its Nqweba Campsite on 1 March 2012. “The Campsite
A poster for field sampling of fish health.

10th Annual Savanna Science Network Meeting in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Scientists from several South African universities, South African National Parks (SANParks) and a number of high profile international institutions
Elephants walking together.

Elephant massacre in Cameroon continues

Krugerpark News Information: 14 dead elephants have been found in Boubandjida National Park, Cameroon, just a week after the discovery of at least 200 elephants slaughtered by
Close up of two of the field rangers at Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park field rangers strike enters week five

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park Field rangers have been on strike since February 3, 2012. Their labour union, Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of
An abalone shell being used as a ashtray.

Public tip-off lead to confiscation of 10 000 units of abalone

Krugerpark News Information: Public awareness and tip-offs lead to the confiscation of more than 10 000 units of abalone and the arrest of four men, one a Chinese national, in four
A view of two cheetah in their natural habitat.

Effective land use management can help cheetah and wild dog

Krugerpark News Information: There are less than 500 wild dogs, Lycaon pictus, in South Africa, with the only viable contiguous population roaming the Kruger National Park (KNP)
A map of the distribution of energy crops around Africa.

Africas renewable energies potential under the spotlight

Krugerpark News Information: Wind energy for the northern and southern parts, hydro energy for central Africa and “the unexploited potential of energy crops like sugar cane”, are
A instrument for climate measuring.

Tinkering with the science of climate change

Krugerpark News Information: Huge mirrors in space, petrifying carbon dioxide, algae farms, and lots of white paint - these are some of the ideas being proposed to offset global
A cheetah knawing on a game carcass.

Predator or prey relationships

Krugerpark News Information: As scientists warn that the Earth is on the brink of a period of mass extinctions, they are struggling to identify ecosystem responses to environmental
A pair of rhino in the wild.

Tourism minister promotes South Africa in Australia

Krugerpark News Information: “Australia ranks 6th in terms of South African Tourism's top 20 long haul source markets. Between 2005 and 2010, South Africa has steadily grown annual
A rare species apart of the species conservation project.

US 3.3 million for 23 species conservation project

Krugerpark News Information: “Ignoring species conservation means ignoring a world in which species are currently disappearing at a rate 100 to 1,000 times higher than normal
Mazda Wildlife Fund has donated a vehicle to Kruger Park.

Wildlife Fund present loan vehicle to Traffic

Krugerpark News Information: “TRAFFIC extends its sincere thanks to the Mazda Wildlife Fund for your 20 years of support: you have, quite literally, been the driving force behind our
Map view of Greater Lebombo.

Greater Lebombo Conservancy on cards to curb rhino poaching

Krugerpark News Information: At the beginning of February this year, South Africa's minister of water and environmental affairs, Edna Molewa met Mozambique's minister of tourism
Grazing land shared by cows and game.

Cows and game can share grazing land

Krugerpark News Information: Princeton University researchers are leading an effort to put to pasture the long-held convention of cattle ranching that wild animals compete with cows

Chronic stress in elephants can cause long-term escape behaviour

Krugerpark News Information: Chronic stress can cause long-term escape behaviour in elephants, affecting their use of habitat. This according to a study on three African elephant
Rangers and soldiers attend to a rhino carcass.

34 rhinos butchered in Hoedspruit in a year

Krugerpark News Information: Poachers killed an adult rhino bull on the farm Jakkalsbessie in the Greater Hoedspruit Area on Thursday, February 9, 2012. They hacked off the horn
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