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Huge Haul Of Smuggled Ivory Found In Hong Kong

Krugerpark News Information: A search of a shipping container supposedly carrying timber from Cameroon netted Hong Kong customs officials 3.9 tonnes of illegal ivory on May 9, 2006

History Of Kruger To Be Reprinted

Krugerpark News Information: The comprehensive history of the Kruger National Park, “Neem Uit Die Verlede”
(“Taken from the past”) is due to be reprinted this year

GRAA Calls On Manuel To Reconsider Budget

Krugerpark News Information: The Game Rangers Association of Africa has called on Finance Minister Trevor Manuel to reconsider the budget allocated to the protection of protected

Defining the GLTP Landscapes

Krugerpark News Information: Few people driving through Kruger consulting their Jacana Kruger National Park Visitor's Map will realise that the subtle shadings of the different

Changes In Water Provision In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: When the Kruger National Park was first established, five major rivers ran through the park all year round, but other than that permanent sources of
Well-known ilala palm near Shingwedzi Rest Camp.

Anti-Elephant Device Remains Hidden For Decades

Krugerpark News Information: How observant are visitors to the Kruger National Park? It is certain that the vast majority of visitors to the park have their eyes peeled for lions

Another Dam Planned In The Olifants River Catchment

Krugerpark News Information: The already pressurised Olifants River system is scheduled for more development, with another dam being intended to supply water for mining in

Activity-Filled Science Week For Phalaborwa Students

Krugerpark News Information: 50 students each from 50 schools in and around Phalaborwa will benefit from their proximity to the Kruger National Park and the Ndlovu Node of the

What Eats What

Krugerpark News Information: Insect life has been more prolific this year in reaction to the relatively good rainfall. In our area, the large 'emperor moths' (Family Saturniidae)

Watching The World For Future Generations

Krugerpark News Information: Long-term environmental planning got a boost when 130 high-level delegates met to develop a strategy that will help guide how scientists observe
The first picture taken by the Satara webcam.

Virtual Visitors Spy On Two Of Kruger Parks Waterholes

Krugerpark News Information: Since December 2004, every thirty seconds a photo has been taken of a waterhole near Orpen Gate in the Kruger National Park and broadcast on the
This is photo of a two-day old sable.

The Riddle Of The Rare Antelope

Krugerpark News Information: Ask any lowveld old-timer and they will tell you that sable antelope were once so common in the central lowveld that landowners used to regularly shoot

Sunset Serenade Held At Letaba

Krugerpark News Information: The annual Sunset Serenade returned to the Letaba Restcamp this year with its first event that took place from March 30 to April 1, 2006. For the first

Sri Lankan Secretary To The Environment Tours Lowveld

Krugerpark News Information: A group of nine politically high profile international delegates, including Mr Dissanayake, secretary to the Ministry of Environment and Conservation

New Initiative Plans To Safeguard Tourist Health

Krugerpark News Information: According to statistics gathered by Dr Simon King, at least 13 people died last year in tourist destinations in the Limpopo/Mpumalanga lowveld alone

New Accommodation Options At Punda Maria

Krugerpark News Information: Punda Maria, in the far north of the Kruger National Park (KNP), has been undergoing a series of upgrades over the last few years. The latest additions

More Debate Over The Future Of Orpen Gate

Krugerpark News Information: On April 18, 2006 a number of parties with a keen interest in the environmental impact process accompanying the relocation of the Orpen Gate met

Kruger Guides Spread Their Wings

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park is renowned for its birdwatching attractions and is regarded as one of the birding Edens of the country. With its list of over
Adult female, Red facial skin with a violet blue patch under bill

Few Ground Hornbill Chicks Found in Kruger This Year

Krugerpark News Information: Out of 39 currently known southern ground hornbill nests in the Kruger National Park, only seven live chicks were found when the nests were checked in

Animal Rightists Object To Elephant Relocation

Krugerpark News Information: .Two animal welfare organisations will be “seeking an urgent legal application” to have six young elephants returned to their family groups

Activities Manager To Help Develop New Products In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: This January the new post of park activities manager opened up in the Kruger National Park and Andrew Desmet was delighted to step into the newly

Activities In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Daily guided early morning and late afternoon walks in Kruger's unspoilt bush where creatures big and small are met 'face to face' are available at most
A view of refines ivory to make ornaments for sale.

Flourishing Angolan Ivory Trade Worries Elephant Conservationists

Krugerpark News Information: The volume of elephant ivory available for sale in Angola has doubled over the last year or so, with over 1.5 tonnes of worked ivory products being sold

With Words And Images, A Couple Brings the Wild To The World

Krugerpark News Information: Currently living in Hoedspruit, Adrian Bailey and his wife Robyn Keene-Young havedocumented private moments in the life of many African animals

The Limpopo National Park Head Office Almost Completed

Krugerpark News Information: The first of the Limpopo National Park senior managers has moved into the recently completed staff housing in the Mozambican park. There are five units
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