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Sables Collared

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger's game capture team collared six sable three weeks ago. Three sable, two from one herd, were collared in the Punda Maria area and the remaining

Researchers Attempt To Solve Rhino Reproduction Mystery

Krugerpark News Information: Two researchers are currently travelling throughout South Africa conducting a study that hopes to unravel the mystery of why zoo populations of rhinos

Report Offers Anti-hijacking Advice

Krugerpark News Information: More than half of all vehicle hijackings occur in front of private residences, and in eight months in 1996 there were 8,740 hijackings in South Africa

Rabies Death Toll Rises In Limpopo

Krugerpark News Information: At least 26 people have died of rabies in the Limpopo Province, the majority of them children between the ages of seven and 12. Once rabies symptoms
A herd of buffalo was recently photographed as it crossed the Olifants River.

Proposed Buffalo Cull Raises Concerns

Krugerpark News Information: At least 70 buffalo are scheduled to be destroyed by state veterinary authorities on
state land adjoining Balule Private Nature Reserve north

More Land For National Parks

Krugerpark News Information: More than 379,000ha of land have been added to South Africa's national parks system since 1994, including five new national parks, and recently announced

More Comments On The New Regulations For The Wildlife Industry

Krugerpark News Information: Ron Thomson has compiled a number of comments on the new draft regulations governing the hunting industry and threatened and protected species

Invasive Alien Bird Species Pose A Threat

Krugerpark News Information: The department of environmental affairs has declared two bird species as invasive aliens the Indian mynah and the mallard duck

India Bans Drug To Protect Vultures

Krugerpark News Information: The Indian government has ordered a halt to the sale of the veterinary drug diclofenac (Voltaren). Veterinary businesses have been given three months

Hunt On For Wounded Elephant

Krugerpark News Information: Environmental affairs officials are still hunting for a wounded elephant that was shot at the junction of the tar road between Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit
Half grown nymph of 'Eyed-flower Mantid' - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi

Hide And Seek

Krugerpark News Information: Camouflage is commonly used to help animals blend with their background. Most species have a fixed pattern or colour adapted to their usual habitat

Help Fight The Spread Of Deserts This June

Krugerpark News Information: Every year, 12 million hectares of land become useless for cultivation, as the problem of desertification spreads out around the globe. This year is

Field Rangers Complete Training

Krugerpark News Information: After two weeks of gruelling training, 39 very proud field rangers received their certificates from Dr Bandile Mkhize, chief executive officer of the
Elephant mom and baby.

Do Elephants Prefer Grasses Or Trees For Lunch

Krugerpark News Information: While everyone agrees that elephants eat both grasses and leafy material from shrubs and trees, some debate has been ongoing in scientific circles as to
Dr Bandile Mkhize, chief executive officer of Kruger, Syd Carter, chairman of Petco.

Day Of Firsts For Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: The first of June was also a day of firsts for Kruger and a number of its partners in waste management in the Park. Dr Bandile Mkhize, chief executive

Winter Food

Krugerpark News Information: We tend to think of the warm, rainy season as a time of food production and the cooler, dry 'winter' as the period when natural food sources are in

Wild Areas Of Okavango To Renew Commitment To The Wilderness Foundation

Krugerpark News Information: The wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Botswana will be home to conservation legend Dr Ian Player for 10 days in early June
White Lion cub.

White Lions Reappear In The Wild

Krugerpark News Information: Two white lion cubs have been spotted frolicking in a dry riverbed in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve with their tawny mother

Survey Fails To Find Egret Breeding Sites

Krugerpark News Information: A year-long survey of the 55,000km2 Okavango Delta has failed to turn up current breedingsites for the vulnerable bird species, the slaty egret

Southern Cross Schools Bush Banquet

Krugerpark News Information: Southern Cross Schools Bush Banquet 2006....and the winners are...The Tammy Trophy For The Best Overall Food in the Golden Orb Category
Bafedile Kgwadi the GEE WHIZ chemistry person from SAASTA.

Science Week Makes An Impact On Phalaborwas Schoolchildren

Krugerpark News Information: National Science Week keeps getting better and better in Phalaborwa, thanks to the tireless efforts of organisers who this year brought around 2,500

Rhino Involved In Automobile Accident

Krugerpark News Information: A rhino was recently injured on the H10 tar road south of Tshokwane when a Kruger National Park technical services staff member hit it with his car

Organisations Plan Extensive Comments On Hunting

Krugerpark News Information: Despite the fact that the creation of draft norms and standards for the hunting industry has been the subject of intense public debate over the last

New Format For Wildlife Photographic Essay

Krugerpark News Information: An innovative new form of the ever-popular coffee table book featuring stunning photographs of Africa's wildlife has been launched by the Hoberman

National Biodiversity Action Plan Launched

Krugerpark News Information: This year International Biodiversity Day, celebrated on May 22, 2006 marked the launch of South Africa's Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
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