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Furore Continues Over Much Debated Hunting Legislation

Krugerpark News Information: Following the release of hunting regulations that will come into force next year, the animal welfare group Animal Rights Africa has criticised and

Food in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Ferdi Heyns is the sector executive chef for Kagiso Khulani Supervision Foods, a subsidiary of Compass South Africa. Garry Hamer is currently the

Finding A Way To Effectively Monitor Kruger's Biodiversity

Krugerpark News Information: The Kruger National Park has the declared mission of maintaining biodiversity in all its natural facets and fluxes, and it has a truly impressive array

Enviro Perspectives on The White Lion Trust

Krugerpark News Information: The first two cubs born to a normal tawny female in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve and the second two white cubs and two tawny cubs born to a tawny

Elephants On The Move

Krugerpark News Information: On December 7, 2006 two vets, Dr Danny Govender and Dr Peter Buss from Kruger National Park Veterinary Wildlife Services, and pilot

Development Dispute Over Prime Land Bordering

Krugerpark News Information: Coen Espach, director of the Mthimkulu Development Company (Pty) Ltd and developer of the Mthimkulu Wildlife Estate, says he is tired of government

Current Concerns

Krugerpark News Information: At least one suspected poacher was shot early on Wednesday morning, December 13, 2006 on the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park

Conservation Concerns

Krugerpark News Information: The donation of 10 cattle will have significantly brightened the festive season for several residents of the Dumphries village adjoining the Sabi-Sand

Banhine In The Grip Of Drought

Krugerpark News Information: Banhine is a national park approximately 700,000ha in extent and situated in central southern Mozambique midway between Pafuri in the west and
Stella relaxes on her last visit to Kruger.

60 Years Of Free Visits To Kruger A Bargain For 50

Krugerpark News Information: Stella Millar has no need to worry about a Wild Card many years ago, she and her husband made a once-in-a-lifetime payment, which allowed

Will Three Million Swallows Outweigh The Next World Cup

Krugerpark News Information: Millions of swallows making the journey from Europe to South Africa may have a surprise in store in a few years time their winter home may be

Remarkable Cooperation Averts Buffalo Cull

Krugerpark News Information: In a remarkable cooperative venture between private landowners, various government agencies and a large mining company, a potential disease crisis that

More About The Eco-Schools Programme

Krugerpark News Information: The Eco-Schools initiative is an international programme with over 10,000 schools in about 30 countries around the world enrolled. The programme

KNP Technical Services Personnel Receive NQF Certificates

Krugerpark News Information: Nine senior officials from the Kruger National Park technical services department recently completed their National Qualifications Framework (NQF) level

Biohazard | Yellow Bells Plant | Tecoma stans

Krugerpark News Information: Tecoma stans is a Mexican and north eastern Africa evergreen annual shrub, 2-4m tall with dense leaves and yellow flowers

A Lighthearted Look At What Goes Through The Mind Of Animals

Krugerpark News Information: Ever wondered what a giraffe was thinking about when it stood and stared at your vehicle when you stopped on your game drive to admire it
Esther Sibanda and Belinda Haaketa.

Wildlife College Graduation Highlights Best Students

Krugerpark News Information: This year, the ladies showed the way at the Southern African Wildlife College graduation with Esther Sibanda from Zimbabwe the proud recipient of the
Golden orb webspider

Spider Snapshots Wanted

Krugerpark News Information: Members of the public are being encouraged to take photos of spiders, scorpions and sun spiders (solifuges), as well as any other eight-legged creepy

Possible Incident Of Bovine TB In Mozambican Buffalo

Krugerpark News Information: In a recent disease survey of the buffalo in the Mozambican Limpopo National Park adjoining the Kruger National Park , the blood taken from one

Pel's Fishing Owl Survey A Disappointment

Krugerpark News Information: A recent survey in the far north of the Kruger National Park for one of the birds most highly prized by birders, the elusive Pel's fishing owl, has had

Operation Cyclone

Krugerpark News Information: A two-pronged initiative is currently cracking down on crime in the Kruger National Park, with the Skukuza police recently arresting five suspects who
Baboon Spider

New Baboon Spider Discovered In Survey Of Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: They're big and hairy and in need of conservation and are found in the Kruger National Park but they have double the normal number of legs

More About Elephant Teeth and Ageing

Krugerpark News Information: Elephants grow throughout most of their lives, and can usually be aged fairly accurately using their shoulder height or the size of their feet
A common (25 mm) longhorn borer of our region.

Enviro Perspectives on Beetles

Krugerpark News Information: A focus on blister beetles requires some comparison with, sometimes, similar looking longhorn (borer) beetles and a mention of the
Maureen Gunn

Best Of The Corporate Offices 2006

Krugerpark News Information: Outstanding Service In The Workplace awards went to Isaac Khoza, Stefanie Freitag Ronaldson, Johan Baloyi, Renate Ackermann
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