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2007 Kudu Award Winner

Krugerpark News Information: Siyabona Africa has received the SA National Parks Executive Award for Business Partner of the Year at this years annual Kudu Awards. Siyabona Africa
An aerial view of cattle being counted.

How Many Animals Are There In Krugers Mozambican Counterpart

Krugerpark News Information: The GLTP is regarded as part of a bigger conservation area, measuring almost 100 000km2. In 2001, the eyes of the world were

Krugers Hidden Secrets

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger National Park is justly famous for its Big Five. Less well known is that Kruger represents a world-class laboratory for understanding how
Derek Visagie and Magiel du Toit on site last year.

Upgrades And Developments In Kruger National Park

Krugerpark News Information: A new day visitor's site at Shingwedzi, a conference venue at Mopani and upgrades to the tented accommodation at Lower Sabie are some of the improvements
An elephant in the Kruger Park.

KNP Emerging Tuskers Competition 2006 Winners Announced

Krugerpark News Information: The 2006 Kruger National Park (KNP) Emerging Tuskers Competition attracted more than 180 individual entries and has identified eight new emerging tuskers

Burning For Biodiversity

Krugerpark News Information: Fire is an integral part of the African savanna. Understanding how it works and the effect it has on the veld is vital for any management plan
The longhorn beetle larvae/grubs

Bowl of Worms

Krugerpark News Information: A branch of an old umbrella thorn tree that died about a year ago in front of their offices broke off and nearly collapsed on the building. The exposed

Tsessebe Move North

Krugerpark News Information: A total of 12 tsessebe, comprising five males and seven females, as well as 11 reedbuck found a new home in the northern part of Kruger having been moved
Gaining the all-important aerial perspective of the fire parameters.

New Tools Help Manage Ranger Section

Krugerpark News Information: Earlier this year Steven Whitfield, Section Ranger at Tshokwane, implemented a controlled burn in his section south west of Nkumbe mountain

Shingwedzi of the 1950s

Krugerpark News Information: Whilst at Shingwedzi, my wife was shown an old black-and-white photo of the original circle of accommodation units. We were fascinated by the photo so

Mambrrr Found Dead

Krugerpark News Information: Field rangers Difference Mabunda and Olsado Mulhovu, came across a carcass of a big elephant bull with exceptionally big tusks. The Elephant had died of
The Glencoe Baobab, South Africa’s second largest tree.

A Celebration Of South Africas Biggest And Best Trees

Krugerpark News Information: The largest tree in South Africa is found near Zwigodini, Vendaland in the Limpopo Province. The second tree on the list, which is the second largest
A vernier measures the hyena’s skin thickness for the bovine TB test.

Trials Of Knock-Out Drug For Hyena Successful

Krugerpark News Information: In a joint project led by Dr Gregory Fleming of Disney's Animal Kingdom and Dr Markus Hofmeyr of Sanparks, a new drug combination was tested on hyenas

Unravelling Hyena Mysteries With Giggles

Krugerpark News Information: For 12 continuous hours over five consecutive days, twice this year, a female called Giggles was the centre of attention keeping at least three teams a
The team gathers together to assess the data from a tree.

Tags To Tell Tales Of Tree Trials And Tribulations In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Motorists in the Kruger National Park should not be alarmed if they spot some of the tall trees near the roadside marked with a distinctive aluminium tag
The rarely seen Kalahari African wild cat.

Kruger Vets Help Capture Kalahari Wildcats

Krugerpark News Information: Since 2003 Marna Herbst, a PhD student from the Mammal Research Institute of the Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Pretoria, has

Tourism Concerns

Krugerpark News Information: Last year December Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) announced Siyabona Africa Safaris as the 22nd product – and the first mobile safari company
Craig Tambling with Dr Peter Buss and Marius Kruger.

Science in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger Park lions are in the spotlight again. This time, it's what they like to eat that's the question. As part of a collaborative study
Archive photo: Andre Nel in Kruger

People in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Skukuza, Kgalagadi and the Sanparks Forums have put together cricket teams to play against each other at Skukuza on February 24

Krazies in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: As a frequent visitor to the Park, plus reader of your newspaper I am always astounded by the photographs taken of people who blatantly disobey the

Food In Kruger on Safari

Krugerpark News Information: Recipes by Garry Hamer Compass Food Services Manager Lower Sabie. Recipes developed and tested in the Kruger National Park
Nursery manager and ranger look at information boards.

Fish For Tomorrow

Krugerpark News Information: Recognising the need to preserve South Africa's wetlands saw the launch of the 'working for wetlands' programme, which is a joint initiative by the

Enviro Perspectives on Vision

Krugerpark News Information: Most people have no difficulty seeing objects in their home environment where they are, possibly sub-consciously, assisted by familiar movements

About Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: So what exactly is Sanparks' mandate and how does a national park differ from a special or national nature reserve

Weather Station Moves To Pretoriuskop

Krugerpark News Information: Specialised help was needed to move an automatic weather station from its current position near the Skukuza airport to its new home at Pretoriuskop
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