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The spider can put more food in our mouths

Krugerpark News Information: Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Yale University in the US say grasshoppers who are being frightened by spiders affect the

Clarification wanted about mining at Mapungubwe heritage site

Krugerpark News Information: The state of the conservation of the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site was under the spotlight as part of the 36TH session of the World

Climate change to cause more fires within next 30 years

Krugerpark News Information: Climate change is widely expected to disrupt future fire patterns around the world, with some regions, such as the western United States, seeing more

Climate change impact on tourism in Okavango Delta

Krugerpark News Information: The Okavango Delta is a richly diverse ecosystem, it is the world's largest inland delta and sits atop the Kalahari Desert. More than 10 trillion

State owned enterprises commit to lowering carbon emissions

Krugerpark News Information: Eight state owned enterprises (SOEs) signed their commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) on Thursday, July 5, 2012. The UNGC calls for

South Africa wants to diversify energy supply

Krugerpark News Information: Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe visited Ghana in April to explore opportunities that will further diversify the country's energy supply

White Backed Vulture, Grey Crowned Crane and Crowned Eagle Under Threat

Krugerpark News Information: The White-Backed Vulture Gyps africanus, the most widespread and common vulture in Africa, has been uplisted from Near-Threatened to Endangered

A watchful eye on South Africas secretary bird

Krugerpark News Information: The Secretarybird was recently up-listed on the international Red Data List to Vulnerable, as it is threatened by a number of factors throughout its

South Africans urged to promote their cultures

Krugerpark News Information: Despite the recession in the world, we have seen that there are emerging markets that are being opened to us and we were helped by our exposure through

Visitors flock to Chrissiesmeer Crane Festival

Krugerpark News Information: The first ever Chrissiesmeer Crane Festival was hosted by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) on the 6th and 7th of July and attracted over 150 visitors

R250 000 donated to strengthen DNA database in rhino war

Krugerpark News Information: Unite Against Poaching handed a cheque of R 250 000 to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory of the University of Pretoria on July 17

USD 21Billion locked in E-waste annually less than 15 percent recovered

Krugerpark News Information: More than 7500 tonnes of silver and 320 tonnes of gold are used to make cell phones, PCs, tablet computers and other electronic and electric equipment.

Invasive alien species needs closer attention

Krugerpark News Information: Millions of people are dependent on wild species for their livelihood. Freshwater ecosystems are under substantial pressure from expanding human

Hyena pups increase assertiveness to prevent hunger

Krugerpark News Information: A new scientific study shows for the first time in spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) twin litters, that success in sibling competition for maternal milk is

One million species and counting

Krugerpark News Information: Just weeks after adding its millionth Web page, the online biology clearinghouse the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) has received a major grant from the

African Elephant Action Plan

Krugerpark News Information: The African elephant action plan was adopted by African elephant range States in March 2010 . The African Elephant Fund (AEF) and the African Elephant

Urgent need to implement African Elephant Action Plan

Krugerpark News Information: The critical situation in Africa demonstrates the urgent need to implement the African Elephant Action Plan, which was created by all African elephant

Researchers keep eye on collared Charlize

Krugerpark News Information: We bring you an update on the movements of Charlize, a collared female elephant, roaming the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) near Hoedspruit

Elephant movement can provide objective measure of seasonal boundaries

Krugerpark News Information: Elephant movement in response to changes in rainfall patterns can be used to determine biologically relevant boundaries between seasons, as opposed

African Elephant has picky feeding habits

Krugerpark News Information: An African elephant, Loxodonta africana, is quite picky when it comes to eating. A study of the this mega-herbivore's dietary habits reveals this mamma

Gabons President burns 1200 ivory tusks

Krugerpark News Information: Gabon's president, Ali Bongo burned 1,200 ivory tusks plus assorted ivory carvings showing his commitment to tackle elephant poaching and illegal

46 elephant tusks seized in Cape Town

Krugerpark News Information: Custom officials seized 46 elephant tusks in Cape Town on July 9, 2012. The tusks, valued at about US$1,5-million, were hidden behind boxes of

R25 million funding to strengthen forensic war against rhino poachers

Krugerpark News Information: South Africa welcomed the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) R25 million funding towards strengthening the current wildlife forensic capabilities in

Anti-poaching equipment donated to Addo rangers

Krugerpark News Information: Unitrans sponsored more than R500 000 worth of equipment to the Addo Elephant National Park Rangers to use in their ongoing battle against poachers

World Environment Day celebrated at all national parks

Krugerpark News Information: Employees at SANParks joined their conservation colleagues across the globe to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, which was celebrated with the
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