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Elephant Management Assessment Process On Track

Krugerpark News Information: The current elephant assessment comprises twelve chapters which includes the history and distribution of elephant in southern Africa; elephant population

Battle at Kruger on YouTube

Krugerpark News Information: The Battle at Kruger - On August 1, 2007 an eight minute amateur recording of a face-off between a herd of buffalo, lions and a crocodile or two in the

Tourist Injured in Elephant Encounter on Olifants Trail

Krugerpark News Information: A woman was injured on the Kruger National Park's popular Olifants River back pack trail when the group of hikers walked into an elephant breeding
First photograph taken of Duke showing his left tusk broken.

Duke Breaks Left Tusk

Krugerpark News Information: Duke, the elephant with the largest set of ivory on any elephant presently living in the Kruger National Park has broken his left tusk. It is the first
Silhouette and shadow contrast this bull, selecting woody re-growth from among the grass.

Enviro Perspectives on Animal Spotting with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: In a different environment - such as game reserves - an inability to 'spot' things can result from the unfamiliar surroundings or a misunderstanding of

The Last Tour De Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: The third and final Tour de Kruger and the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park ride during the first week in August saw 209 cyclists pedal 350km through
Le Pas, a permanent pan within a river system Rio Nyamag.

Getting to Banhine

Krugerpark News Information: Getting to Banhine is not easy, but it is exhilarating, no matter which route you take. Once you have turned off the Chokwe – Chiqualaquala road one
The grace and beauty of butterflies appeal to many age groups.

Butterfly Lovers Plan to Hook Kids on Butterfly Spotting

Krugerpark News Information: At the last count there were 219 butterflies in the KNP. This was done by the devoted rangers of the KNP and authored in a book by Johan Kloppers named
Rowan Foley speaking to Dr Stefanie Freitag-Ronaldson.

Australian Park Manager Meets KNP Scientists

Krugerpark News Information: Rowan Foley from Parks Australia is the park manager for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and during a recent trip to SA, he met with staff from Scientific
Ian, Obert, Sarah, Richard, Adolf, Martie, Johan and Trust.

5842 km and 49 hours of Flying in the Annual KNP Census

Krugerpark News Information: Seeing the Kruger National Park from the air really puts the size of the park into perspective. It is amazing to see how big two million hectares really.

Barbel Die-off Provides a Case for the Fish Forensic Detective

Krugerpark News Information: On Sunday June 3, 2007, Rendani Nethengwe, ranger at Houtboschrand, reported a fish kill in the Olifants River to Dr Andrew Deacon.
Section ranger Joe Nkuna with Jimmy Manganyi and Freddy Chauke.

Staff and Park Visitors Pull Together on Giraffe Rescue

Krugerpark News Information: A giraffe was trapped in a donga about three kilometres north of Letaba camp on the S95. Joe Nkuna, section ranger at Letaba, opted to try to rescue
Jenny Joubert and Dr. Lin-Mari de Klerk -Lorist prepare to take a sample from a buffalo.

Survey Determines Bovine TB Prevalence in Shingwedzi Area

Krugerpark News Information: During the last two weeks of July the Veterinary Wildlife Services Unit of Kruger National Park launched an operation to determine the true prevalence of
Navashni Govender briefing the team.

Nkhuhlu Exclosure Burnt to Mimic External Conditions

Krugerpark News Information: Fire is not a popular phenomenon in the Lowveld at the moment, but in the Kruger National Park it is used under controlled conditions as part of a

More Dams for the Letaba Catchment

Krugerpark News Information: Construction of a new major dam at Nwamitwa in the Great Letaba River. The new dam, which will take about five years to construct, is proposed at a site

Kruger Objects to Development on Crocodile River

Krugerpark News Information: In November last year, the Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture Land Administration issued an instruction to stop all construction on an extension to
Citrus swallowtail sipping nectar from a lantana flower.

Some KNP Butterflies That Are Around Right Now

Krugerpark News Information: There are several butterflies that occur throughout the KNP and also many that occur throughout the year. Granted, these butterflies are usually of the
Zebra herd.

Annual Mass Capture for Wildlife Relocation Completed

Krugerpark News Information: Update on the annual mass capture of plains game in Kruger National Park for release in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

Six Weeks and 1900 Traps Reveal Myriad Creepy Crawlies

Krugerpark News Information: For six weeks in June and July this year, the biodiversity survey team was busy in the south of the Kruger National Park looking at all the smaller
A view of the dam from the Bantam.

Hippos and Algae Implicated in Multiple Animal Deaths

Krugerpark News Information: Three years ago, we reported on the how a spot of forensic detective work by Kruger National Park and state veterinarians revealed the cause of
Nick Zambatis in the ‘heart’of the radar station, the control room.

Radar Station Completed

Krugerpark News Information: The new facility in Kruger's research toolkit will have a huge impact on many of the research projects in Kruger, as “rain is the main driver of the
Trying to get a better view into one of the bat houses at Letaba rest camp.

Mass Bat Die Off a Mystery to Experts

Krugerpark News Information: It is estimated that more than a 1000 Angolan free-tailed bats (Mops condylurus) died over the third week of July at Letaba Camp in the Kruger

Ores Story

Krugerpark News Information: In the last issue we wrote about the rhino, Ore, that roams the area around Mooiplaas and mistook a dead hippo for a possible mate. Ore arrived at
Checking suitability of disused borehole for the fitting of a data logger.

Disused Boreholes in Kruger to Contribute to Groundwater Monitoring

Krugerpark News Information: Water is life – above and below ground! Now researchers are taking a special interest in the water we cannot see, the groundwater. To access groundwater
Madala drinking

The Remarkable Madala Buffalo

Krugerpark News Information: Most publications write about the Limpopo National Park, but there are also a string of privately-leased conservation areas in Mozambique south of the
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