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Enviro Perspectives on Succession with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: The concept of succession is normally related to physical aspects but it can be used to describe the inter-related processes in animal behaviour and

Butterflies After the Rain

Krugerpark News Information: To break the spell of drought, it has to rain. But will there be any butterflies before that? We took some University of Pretoria students out to test

Rangers Diary on Sleeping Wild

Krugerpark News Information: How many people can say they have slept in a Big Five reserve with no fences around them? Who can imagine themselves sitting around a fire whilst

Kruger Scientist Gets on Top of Alien Plant Invasions Down Under

Krugerpark News Information: Alien invasive species are causing a headache for conservation managers around the world. Alien species are the cause of numerous problems for

Disney Expertise for Sanparks Veterinary Wildlife Services

Krugerpark News Information: Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse. There is considerably more to this multi-national corporation than meets the eye, especially when it comes to
The construction team with Corli and Ben.

How Do Trees and Grass Live Together in the Landscapes of Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: A slow silent war rages between trees and grass in the veld and what determines who gets the upper hand has prompted further investigation. The

Current Concerns | Wild Dog Hotline

Krugerpark News Information: Staff at the Phalaborwa gate let the first clients through the long-awaited revamped Phalaborwa Entrance Gate on Friday, October 5, 2007. Game auction
MaMerle and her twin calves.

MaMerle Has Twins Again

Krugerpark News Information: MaMerle, believed to the biggest female tusker in the Kruger National Park, seems determined to be recorded in the Guinness book of elephant records

Enviro Perspectives on Ecological Principles with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: Probably the most important things to understand, in the realm of 'matter', are the unchangeable principles or laws controlling the function of all

Did You Know

Krugerpark News Information: The eyeball of an elephant is similar in size to those of humans and is small for such a large animal. Elephants and wild pigs are the only ungulates

Krugers Scientific Data On Demand

Krugerpark News Information: Sanparks Scientific Services has been involved with research on various topics in the Kruger National Park since the 1950s. These valuable research
Foxy charaxes upperside Ė sipping tree sap.

Butterflies of the KNP

Krugerpark News Information: Butterflies are delicate, aesthetic beings that colour our lives with their presence. Yet some species are stouter and quite die-hard. The males fiercely
Dense stands of unpalatable grasses.

To Graze or Not to Graze

Krugerpark News Information: Grass is one of the primary suppliers of nourishment to the second level of the food chain namely the herbivores. Most of the large herbivores commonly

Priceless Sighting

Krugerpark News Information: The biggest groups of the 26 remaining free-ranging southern roan antelope in the park were sighted on June 19 near Babalala at about midday.
Blood sample taken from dominant female.

Hyena Research Update

Krugerpark News Information: The ongoing hyena research in and around Skukuza in the Kruger National Park has moved to the next level. This has involved collecting faecal (dung)

Globally Threatened Birds Pay For Their Sex

Krugerpark News Information: A new study published in the leading ornithological journal Ibis has uncovered that for the vast majority of bird species, there are more males than
Purple heron

Kruger2Canyons Birding Route Launched

Krugerpark News Information: It is hoped that birders from all over the world will flock to the area thanks to the launch of the Kruger 2 Canyon Birding Route. The route, which

How Fast Do Trees Grow

Krugerpark News Information: At what rate do trees really grow? This is a question that has puzzled scientists and botanists over the years. As trees are a primary food source for
The alien invader groupís tented camp at Doispane.

Alien Invaders Group Visit Doispane

Krugerpark News Information: A group of enthusiastic members of the Alien Invader Task Group, one of the national projects of the Honorary Rangers, put together a fantastic weekend

Enviro Perspectives on Animal Vision with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: On the subject of vision - I mentioned that, with sufficient light, mammals, with a few exceptions, have monochrome vision and egg-laying animals

A Walk in the Park

Krugerpark News Information: We are the only people in this 20 square kilometre section of the Kruger Park near Berg-en-dal. The scenery is spectacular Ė mountainous terrain all

Managing Krugers Rivers

Krugerpark News Information: Many rivers in the world have undergone human-induced changes, often negatively impacting freshwater ecosystems. Expanding human populations and

Giraffe Survives Despite Deformity

Krugerpark News Information: Rob Thompson, section ranger at Stolznek, observed a giraffe with a noticeably deformed jaw wandering with a group of four animals near an area known as
Daniel at Lanner Gorge.

Rangers Diary

Krugerpark News Information: When DaniŽl Mkhancani Chavalala, sergeant at Pafuri section, goes on leave you will most likely find him at a picnic spot somewhere in the northern

National Vulture Awareness Day | Endangered Wildlife Trust

Krugerpark News Information: Following last year's successful awareness creation campaign, the Birds of Prey Working Group of the Endangered Wildlife Trust has designated September 1
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