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Downloading soil moisture data

Rangers Diary

Krugerpark News Information: The study of water, or hydrology, is a high priority in our arid country and of even greater importance in our protected areas. A detailed and high-tech

Reintroduced Cheetah Produce Eight Cubs

Krugerpark News Information: The first-ever cheetah cubs have been sighted in Mountain Zebra National Park after cheetah were introduced to the Park in May 2007. Park rangers first

Water Issues in Bushbuckridge Discussed in Arizona

Krugerpark News Information: Water is a limited resource that people all around the world have to share; and discussions around this complex issue were the subject of a workshop

In Short...

Krugerpark News Information: Nearly 80 000 dogs, cats and other domestic animals have been vaccinated against the potentially fatal rabies disease in Mpumalanga. Construction of the

Conservationists Concerned by Low Oribi Numbers

Krugerpark News Information: Initial findings indicate that oribi numbers in South Africa are still decreasing from previous years. According to land owners who participated in the
Punda Maria flooding in December.

Water Everywhere

Krugerpark News Information: A special warning was issued over the weekend of 28 January that the Olifants river would be in flood following the opening of the sluices at the Flag

New Doors for Letaba Elephant Hall

Krugerpark News Information: It turned out to be quite a mission finding new doors and replacing the old ones at the elephant hall in Letaba rest camp, but "well worth the effort," according to Piet Andjelkovic
A male blue waxbill (Uraeginthus angloensis) at a feeding site.

Enviro Perspectives on Association with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: There are many instances of animals co-operating or associating with other species, presumably to increase their chances of survival. Many insects, birds
The A-Team walking the Olifants River in search of the Pel's fishing owl.

Angels on an Avian Mission

Krugerpark News Information: What do you get when you send a bunch of women on a mission to find a Pel's fishing owl, armed with CyberTracker equipment and a mandate to raise funds
Dung sampling.

Dung and Droppings Help Explain Dry Season Diet Choices

Krugerpark News Information: Most animals face changes in how much food there is for them to eat over the year. During the dry season especially, the situation can look bleak when
The 60m long and three metre high dam wall held about 120 000m3 of water in a good rainfall year.

Water in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: It took members of the South African National Defence Force special forces school three days and eight tonnes of explosives to blow up the

Elephant Numbers up by Five Percent

Krugerpark News Information: This year the elephant and buffalo census team, under the leadership of Dr Ian Whyte, who is conducting his 24th census, counted 13 050 elephants in the
Success! Or is it? The butterfly survived, but the tail-end bears a scar. Natal bar: 1, Birds: 0.

Butterflies in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: By the time a butterfly has reached maturity in the shape of a stately butterfly, it has survived 80 – 90 percent of its life's onslaughts already
A field ranger and students in Kruger.

Summer Biodiversity Surveys in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Some welcome rain and the high temperatures herald the arrival of summer in the Lowveld. During this hot season, an intrepid group of volunteer

Stiff Competition in the Mopane Veld

Krugerpark News Information: The mopane tree with its distinctive 'butterfly' shaped leaves is a principal food source for many insects and animals. Over the last few weeks the
Roan antelope.

Sable and Roan Researchers Pleased with Recent Sightings

Krugerpark News Information: In February 2007 a special data logging collar which records the daily movements of the animal, using GPS co-ordinates, was fitted to a sable

Birding Big Day

Krugerpark News Information: Joe Grosel and his Zonke Inyoni team spotted a new record 313 species in the Houtbosdorp area, during this year's Birding Big Day. Birding started off at

Poacher Shot and Killed in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger National Park rangers and operators from South African National Parks corporate investigation services (CIS) shot and killed a poacher during a
A gravid female Common Milkweed Locust.

Enviro Perspectives on Grasshoppers with Dave Rushworth

Krugerpark News Information: To many townsfolk, the only exposure they will have to grasshoppers are those TV images of some macho bushman eating them in an attempt at 'survival'

Meet Kruger's Alien Plant Specialist, Llewellyn C Foxcroft

Krugerpark News Information: From an early age, Llewellyn had a keen interest in nature and all out-door activities. In 1997, as part of the diploma's experiential training, he was
Berg en Dal.

Kruger Awards Top Achievers

Krugerpark News Information: For the ninth year in a row, the Kruger National Park rewarded its staff during the 2007 Achievement Awards Ceremony, which was held on Friday, November
Members of the lowveld Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and other guests at Kuname River Lodge.

Indigenous Knowledge for Fine Dine Cuisine

Krugerpark News Information: Manager and executive chef, Hanroe Esramus', whose trademark culinary style is to incorporate indigenous knowledge in fine dine cuisine hosted several

People in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: I could see Addy Ndlovu was a happy man in the kitchen at Shishangaan, an old military base in the Kruger National Park. Smiling continually while

Use your Cellphone to Note your Sighting

Krugerpark News Information: If you are into combining the outdoors and technology you may want to explore the possibilities offered by an organisation that has developed an
Ranger station Stolznek with section ranger Rob Thompson.

Stolsnek Section Rangers Diaries

Krugerpark News Information: Don English calls early this morning regarding a leopard that is under the guide's tent at Napi trails camp. Self and Sgt Maluleke meet Don at Afsaal and
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