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A large female golden ord-web spider and two small males

Spider-hunting Wasps

Krugerpark News Information: All ants, bees and wasps belong to the suborder Apocrita in the order Hymenoptera. The 'spider-hunting wasps' are all classified under the family
There is a demarcated area at Afsaal picnic site where owls can be seen

More About The Scops Owl

Krugerpark News Information: Description: Small, eared owl with yellow eyes. Its plumage is a vermiculated grey-buff, intricately marked with black provides excellent camouflage

Water Plan To Address Service Backlogs

Krugerpark News Information: A five-year programme is currently being devised to address the backlogs in water and sanitation services and to ensure the targets of the Millennium
Researchers use the new flux tower to under the carbon cycle

New Flux Tower In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: “Africa is a big question mark in the carbon cycle,” says Tony Swemmer, manager of the SAEON (South African Environmental Observation Network)
Common Leopard (Phalanta phalantha aethiopica)

Medicine – For Man And “Beastly” Beauty

Krugerpark News Information: Want to reach for an aspirin? Or perhaps a remedy for a stomach complaint? Ever wondered if butterflies have the same requirements?
An abundance of lush plant and vegetation

Volunteers Needed To Map The Distribution Of Mopane Trees

Krugerpark News Information: Mopane trees dominate the vegetation in the northern half of the Kruger National Park, and much of the Limpopo Province. As many frustrated tourists

Is There A Rhino War Looming?

Krugerpark News Information: There is great concern that a “white rhino war” is looming in the Kruger National Park (KNP) and surrounding areas. Since October 2007, about 20

Two Of Sa’s Peace Parks Are A Study In Contrasts

Krugerpark News Information: How do institutions within Transfrontier Parks (TFP) or Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA) react to dynamics in and around the parks?

Committed To Wilderness

Krugerpark News Information: To work in the lowveld, in which one can still find some of Africa's vast open spaces which are mostly roadless, is a privilege

Prestigious Lodges Snapped Up By Dubai Company

Krugerpark News Information: Dubai World Africa, the African subsidiary of Dubai World, one of the world's largest holding companies,has acquired major shareholdings in South Africa
 Steve Backshall’s race around the world to source deadly creatures

Wildlife Presenter Searches For Deadly Lowveld Inhabitants

Krugerpark News Information: Director James Brickell and his crew recently filmed parts of a new children's wildlife documentary for the BBC in the lowveld
Vulnerable Cape Vulture - Gyps Coprotheres at Mannyelanong Hill - Botswana

Important Bird Areas And Protected Areas Under Review By Birdlife

Krugerpark News Information: BirdLife Partners in Africa recently convened an inaugural meeting in Botswana in March 2008, to review progress in the ‘Monitoring of Important Bird

Weather Station Prepares Mpumalanga For Disasters

Krugerpark News Information: White River - A new weather service station unveiled in Mpumalanga will ensure the province receives timely information about possible flooding and
Department Of Economic Development, Environment And Tourism Holds Prestigious Green Flag

Schools Rewarded For Commitment To The Environment

Krugerpark News Information: The Eco-Schools flag is awarded in recognition of schools who have committed to improving environmental learning and action through their curriculums
Adult Flap-Neck Chameleon - Chamaeleo Dilepis

Threatened Chameleons

Krugerpark News Information: Chameleon species are not numerous compared to many other groups of reptiles. Southern Africa has 14 species of endemic dwarf chameleons presently
Elephant in the Kruger Park - our next protein source ?

Elephants – the next protein source

Krugerpark News Information: Most protected areas that are large enough to house elephants already have a burgeoning population, thus translocations are no longer viable. Even the

Elephants in the spotlight

Krugerpark News Information: As an experienced guide with a passion for wildlife and the bush, I have spent many years observing the behaviour and habits of elephants. Elephants

What’s The Scoop On Soil

Krugerpark News Information: Trees and plants need soil to grow. Very few fruits, vegetables and grains would live without it. Many animals need soil, too. They eat the plants that
Green Lessons - School Teachers at Sefapane Lodge in Phalaborwa

Green Lessons For High School Teachers

Krugerpark News Information: The Saeon (South African Environmental Observation Network) Ndlovu node annual educators' workshop 2008 was held on February 16, 2008 at
Banhine National Park - Wetland

Banhine Inundation

Krugerpark News Information: Banhine National Park in Gaza province, Mozambique gets its name from an extensive wetland system (called Banhine by the local population) similar in
Fire ecologist Navashni Govender in front of the Sanhu camera with Jaques Goosen

Experiment Still Lights Scientists’ Fires After 54 Years

Krugerpark News Information: Keeping this valuable long-term experiment running accurately is the responsibility of Scientific Services fire ecologist, Navashni Govender. In early
Lower Olifants gorge in Kruger National Park

Massingir Dam Backs Up Into Kruger Gorge After Floods

Krugerpark News Information: Flooding of the Olifants River in the last week of January raised concerns about the effect that the raising of the Massingir dam wall in Mozambique is
Skukuza church building

The Story Of The Seven Little Piglets….In Church

Krugerpark News Information: Staff and visitors have become accustomed to seeing two warthog sows and seven little piglets roaming the Skukuza staff village. In fact, most

Kruger’s Management Works Towards Celebrating Wilderness

Krugerpark News Information: Last year the Kruger National Park (KNP) adopted the WMP, which was developed to provide a framework for the future management of wilderness within

Welcome To The Most Wonderful Classroom In The World

Krugerpark News Information:

To identify, monitor and taken actions on environmental problems, the Marula region's People and Conservation department of the Kruger National Park

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