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Fire experiments in Kruger continue

Krugerpark News Information: The first phase of the SavFIRE experiment saw survey teams collect grass data over 80 kilometres at 8 600 points on eight blocks of increasing size

Birdwatchers to boost tourism

Krugerpark News Information: The European Union has recently contributed R2,1 million towards the Kruger to Canyons (K2C) Birding Route, which forms part of a network of routes

Biodiversity loss – it will make you sick

Krugerpark News Information: A new generation of antibiotics, new treatments for thinning bone disease and kidney failure, and new cancer treatments may all stand to be lost

Global listeners tune in to share Mac’s quest for a mate

Krugerpark News Information: Mac, an elephant tracked and monitored by Steve and Michelle Henley since 2002, is sharing his dating secrets with more than a million listeners across

Tourist roads, elephants and poachers

Krugerpark News Information: On April 30, 1946 James Stevenson-Hamilton recorded his last day as warden of the Kruger National Park (KNP) in his diary

Vive le difference

Krugerpark News Information: Many butterflies are gender dimorphic, what does that mean? It means that the males and the females look different from each other

How do animals move in relation to temperature

Krugerpark News Information: What different things do animals do on hot days compared to cooler days? How much do they move around at night, if at all?

Forest Hardwood Sale Nets SANParks R615000

Krugerpark News Information: During the last week in April, SANParks auctioned off about 400m³ of native and foreign hardwoods, contributing about R615000 to its coffers

Global tourism company extends interest in Africa

Krugerpark News Information: The state-owned company, Dubai World (DW) announced on April 17 that it has entered negotiations with the government of Benin

Hackers vs Aliens

Krugerpark News Information: A work party of the Honorary Rangers (HR) hacked away in the Kruger National Park (KNP), clearing 590 adult Lantana plants in three days

Hyena becomes Roly-Poly with his elephant snacks

Krugerpark News Information: Activity around an elephant bull carcass is yielding interesting observations for hyena researcher in the Kruger National Park (KNP)

Water | every drop counts

Krugerpark News Information: A decade ago water saving in SA did not have the sense of urgency or media profile that it has today

Necessary smell and droppings

Krugerpark News Information: Many people avoid discussion of dung and associated smells and will recoil from any contact with these natural items

Letter from Reunion

Krugerpark News Information: We went and interviewed our class from secondary school in Terre Sainte, Saint Pierre, in Reunion Island. In May, we will participate in a trip in South

Does size really matter?

Krugerpark News Information: Does size really matter? Regretfully, when it comes to conservation issues, it often does. We all know of the plight of the wild dog and the cheetah

A stunning setting, exquisite fine dining and the company of friends

Krugerpark News Information: Exquisite haute cuisine, the company of friends, and a wondrous autumn day in the lowveld are only some of the ingredients for great times

Tourism highlights 2007 WTO

Krugerpark News Information: The tourism sector continued to enjoy above average results and recorded a third year of sustained growth as is highlighted in the United Nations World

Local operators get international perspective at tourism workshop

Krugerpark News Information: SA Tourism has had its share of transformation, and perhaps a touch of schizophrenia, for the last few years in finding the country's tourism niche in

Stiff competition in this year’s Emerging Tusker competition

Krugerpark News Information: It was a daunting task for the panel of judges to finally name this year's winner out of the over 180 entries in the Emerging Tuskers competition

Dam wall breached to begin rehabilitation of Langtoon

Krugerpark News Information: Work has begun on the rehabilitation of the Langtoon Dam, situated in the north-eastern part of the Kruger National Park (KNP)

Can the Kalahari complicate the carbon question?

Krugerpark News Information: “Desert soils are unusual because the sand grains at the surface are bound together into a crust by bacteria, reducing wind erosion and adding nutrients

Keeping an eye on global vegetation

Krugerpark News Information: Food, fuel, and shelter, ie vegetation, is one of the most important requirements for human populations around the world

Reintroduction hopes to stabilise southern Botswanas wild dog population

Krugerpark News Information: On Saturday, April 5, 2008, 18 African wild dogs were released into the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (NOTUGRE)

Blue-green algae strikes again

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger National Park (KNP) rangers and conservation management officials started draining operations at Shilolweni Dam

No Hunting in South African National Parks

Krugerpark News Information: In a statement released by SANParks on April 2, 2007 chief executive officer David Mabunda says there will be no hunting in national parks
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