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Help Monitor Life on Earth

Krugerpark News Information: Scientists asked people around the world to help compile an internet based observatory of life on earth as a guide to everything from the impact of
Elephant tusk.

Forensics Help Fight Ivory Fraudsters

Krugerpark News Information: The forensic technique of carbon dating can now be used to help catch law-breaking ivory dealers

Kruger National Park Newsclips

Krugerpark News Information: It's War. Moving Kruger's Border so Hunters Can Kill. Sanparks Corrects Double Booking 2010. Kruger Park Land Claims. Archaeological Research at Sabi

Bird Guides Trained

Krugerpark News Information: BirdLife South Africa's Kruger to Canyons Birding Route recently completed the training and assessments of thirteen of its trainee bird guides

African Village Dogs Are Genetically Much More Diverse than Modern Breeds

Krugerpark News Information: African village dogs are not a mixture of modern breeds but have directly descended from an ancestral pool of indigenous dogs, according to a Cornell-led

Crocodile Deaths Continue in the Olifants River

Krugerpark News Information: The mysterious crocodile killer that prowled the Olifants River at the onset of winter last year in the Kruger National Park has returned
Elephant family.

Elephants Dont Always Keep It in the Family

Krugerpark News Information: In elephant society, nothing is more important than family. From traveling packs of mothers and calves to larger groups that contain aunts and cousins

Disease Killing Fish in Zambezi River

Krugerpark News Information: A deadly disease devastating fish stocks in Africa's Zambezi River basin and threatening the livelihoods and access to food of millions of rural people

BioBoundary Confines Wild Dogs

Krugerpark News Information: The endangered African wild dog was historically distributed throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, but due to direct persecution and habitat loss, very

CITES Says Yes to Shooting of More Elephants

Krugerpark News Information: The International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has authorised an increase in the number of elephants Mozambique is allowed to kill

Why People Visit Parks? Do the Answers Matter to Management?

Krugerpark News Information: An article, published by Koedoe, which highlights the extent to which socio-demographic and behavioural and motivational indicators influence the

Why Animals Behave The Way They Do

Krugerpark News Information: The way animals use colour in their daily communication provide a basis for very interesting observation

Stiff Fines And Visible Policing Intended to Keep Kruger Peaceful

Krugerpark News Information: Fines for misbehaving in the KNP have been increased sharply by an average of 250 percent compared to the fines that were approved in 2004 in an attempt

The Socio-Economic Impact of The Karoo National Park

Krugerpark News Information: African Protected Area Conservation and Science has just published its latest article, 'The Socio-Economic Impact of the Karoo National Park'
The first CAO Data in Kruger of the Sabie River

Airborne Ecologists Help Balance Delicate African Ecosystem

Krugerpark News Information: The National Academy of Sciences reports the successful test of new remotesensing technology to monitor the impact of management decisions on the savanna
Hlanganini, named after Hlanganini Spruit

Hlanganini Spotted

Krugerpark News Information: Hlanganini is one of Kruger's emerging uskers. This photo was taken by a visitor in December
Male lion with a beautiful mane.

Research Uncovers Surprising Lion Stronghold in War-torn Central Africa

Krugerpark News Information: Times are tough for wildlife living at the frontier between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Armies are reportedly encamped in a
Aaron Murwira at the savanna science network meeting

More Scope For Social Issues at KNPs Premier Science Meeting

Krugerpark News Information: Dr Allan Andersen urged scientists to consider the application and appropriateness of their research to the mandate and mission of SANParks

Kruger Fishing Competition Gives Rise to More Tall Tales Than Fish

Krugerpark News Information: The Honorary Rangers (HR) of the Bushveld region hosted a fish- ing competition at the ReŽnvoŽl Dam in the Nxanatseni (South) region of the Kruger Park

KNP Recognises Staff Achievements

Krugerpark News Information: Hard work, going the extra mile and excellent performance were recognised at the Kruger National Park's glittering 10th achievement awards in Skukuza on
Masaai men. Photo: Jonathan Hills

Widespread and Substantial Declines in Wildlife in Kenyas Masai Mara

Krugerpark News Information: Monthly surveys over 15 years link surge in human settlements near Mara Reserve with large losses of wildlife that have made Kenya a popular

Brown Hyenas Introduced to Mountain Zebra National Park

Krugerpark News Information: Three brown hyenas were introduced into Mountain National Park near Cradock early in December last year, becoming the first of their kind to be released
Crocodile-die-offs,Olifants and Letaba Rivers

Crocodile Deaths May Lead to Healthier River

Krugerpark News Information: Last year saw one of the biggest unexplained wildlife disasters to ever hit the Kruger National Park (KNP). Mass crocodile die-offs in the Olifants
Elephants at sunset.

Mouse Tricked Into Producing an Elephant Egg

Krugerpark News Information: Scientists have ďtrickedĒ a mouse into producing an elephant egg. That development could boost breeding programs for endangered species
View of a vintage game drive vehicle in Kruger National Park.

Wardens Notes on Ranger Sections For January 1936, James Stevenson-Hamilton

Krugerpark News Information: General rains set in. They were heaviest in the north and south east and roads and rivers became for the time impassable
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