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Analysis Land reform same problem different approach

Krugerpark News Information: South African President Jacob Zuma's dilemma over what to do about land and agrarian reform is no different than it was for his predecessor

Phalaborwa Residents Commemorate Arbor Day

Krugerpark News Information: Approximately 200 people participated in the Arbor Day festivities at the Lulekani Community Hall where residents from the greater Phalaborwa
A Vulture with wings at full stretch.

Learn to Love Vultures or Lose Them

Krugerpark News Information: BirdLife Partners in Africa and elsewhere have joined with raptor conservation and research organisations around the world to call for an image makeover

Free access to park to cultivate community interest

Krugerpark News Information: The 2009 SA National Parks Week was officially opened at Mopanie Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park on Monday, September 14

Escalated anti poaching actions starting to yield results

Krugerpark News Information: South African National Parks (SANParks) announced earlier this months that more poachers have been apprehended in recent weeks due to the increased

Trees vital for food security

Krugerpark News Information: Countries tackling food insecurity and climate change adaptation can greatly benefit from agroforestry - integrating fleshy plants and trees into their

Koedoe Update

Krugerpark News Information: The latest articles published in Koedoe focus on vegetation and plant communities

Abe appointed as new leader for Kruger National Park

Krugerpark News Information: Velaphi Abraham Sibiya (known as Abe) has been appointed by the board of South African National Parks (SANParks) as managing executive

Anti hunting groups have misfired

Krugerpark News Information: IFAW and ARA, although different in their architecture and gearing, are joined at the waist in opposing any form of sustainable-use practices and culling

Is August the new September

Krugerpark News Information: Become a CLIMATE BUDDY and help us find out ...Everyone in South Africa seems to have noticed that the weather is unusual for this time of year

Spot a Saddle billed Stork and Support Science

Krugerpark News Information: Join the Endangered Wildlife Trust and SANParks in a photographic survey of Saddle-billed Storks in the Kruger National Park

109 elephants die as drought hits Tsavo

Krugerpark News Information: More than 100 elephants have died due to effects of drought in the sprawling Tsavo National Park

Search for distressed elephant

Krugerpark News Information: The uproar over a cow elephant in distress at a game reserve abutting the Kruger National Park took another turn on Tuesday, with the animal having
View of a poached ivory tusk.

Ivory dealer loses appeal

Krugerpark News Information: A Northern Cape man's appeal against a conviction of being an accomplice in the unlawful dealing of two ivory tusks was dismissed by the Supreme Court

In the kingdom of the ant a mighty curiosity rules

Krugerpark News Information: Forget the 'roo - Dr Andersen says it's ants that put Australia on the map.“We're the kingdom of the ant

Stiffer penalties for poaching in Zimbabwe

Krugerpark News Information: The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has announced new penalties for the poaching of wild animals, birds and fish with the fine for
Close-up of a rhino grazing.

Rhinoceroses in South Africa Under Seige

Krugerpark News Information: There is a way of thinking within South African environmental authorities that promotes the killing of rhinos rather than protecting and respecting them

Mango will operate 24 hours a day in 2010

Krugerpark News Information: MANGO has announced that it will operate 24 hours per day over the 2010 World Cup period next year

Mapungubwe land claim valid

Krugerpark News Information: One of the largest land claim cases to date - the Machete royal family's bid for Mapungubwe, a World Heritage Site - while not yet settled, has been approved

Waxy homes childrens treats

Krugerpark News Information: some mopane trees seem forever rooted in their autumn shine.A closer inspection of these leaves this time of the year reveals strings of whitish waxy

Cradle and birthday of dog identified

Krugerpark News Information: Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm have managed to zero in on man's best friend

Birding tourism in South Africa still in its infancy

Krugerpark News Information: Birding and birding-related tourism are growing at an unprecedented rate on a global level. Despite an abundance of natural birding assets

Learners Visit Vulture Restaurant

Krugerpark News Information: Talented learners from the Ba-Phalaborwa area is to visit the vulture restaurant on Grietjie

Eco Tourism Park to be completed in 2010

Krugerpark News Information: An Eco-Tourism Park at the Tshikuyu Village in Limpopo will be completed in January 2010 just in time for the thousands of soccer fans

New R5 5million memorial added to Phalaborwa tourism package

Krugerpark News Information: Work is nearing completion on a R5.5 million memorial precinct that will commemorate past and present Limpopo heroes who shaped the South African
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