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Clean up campaign for SAs borders

Krugerpark News Information: South Africa wants to create an awareness amongst all communities residing in the vicinity of its borders, to take care of the environment
Karoo National Park Rangers marching.

Karoo National Park to Introduce Lions

Krugerpark News Information: Karoo National Park, situated near Beaufort West, celebrated its 30th Anniversary with the announcement that lions would be introduced

Report to Guide Cheetah and Wild Dog Conservation in South Africa

Krugerpark News Information: A new report will guide the way forward for Cheetah and African Wild Dog conservation in South Africa

Wildlife and African folklore

Krugerpark News Information: Many African tribes had a tradition regarding wild creatures. Certain birds and animals were given the status of protected creatures because of their

Trees Facilitate Wildfires as a Way to Protect Their Habitat

Krugerpark News Information: Fire is often thought of something that trees should be protected from, but a new study suggests that some trees may themselves contribute to the

Wildlife As a Source for Livestock Infections

Krugerpark News Information: A bacterium possibly linked to Crohn's disease could be lurking in wild animals

New Trails To Open in Kruger National Park

Krugerpark News Information: Two new adventure trails will be launched in the Kruger National Park within the next six months

New Entrance Gate Upgraded Roads Opened at Mountain Zebra National Park

Krugerpark News Information: On October 28, 2009, Mountain Zebra National Park, situated near Cradock in the Eastern Cape, celebrated the official opening of a newly upgraded

Animals now picking up bugs from people study shows

Krugerpark News Information: Globalisation and industrialisation are causing diseases to spread from humans to animals, a study has shown

How Birds See is Key to Avoiding Power Line Collision

Krugerpark News Information: Conservationists at the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have, with the financial support of Eskom, embarked on a research project that will enable them

Honorary Rangers Counter Poaching Raises More Than R1 million

Krugerpark News Information: Since the beginning of 2008, the Honorary Rangers Counter Poaching and Ranger Support Services National Project (CP&RSS) has raised over R1 million

Migration myths dispelled in UNDP report

Krugerpark News Information: Most migrants do not move from developing to developed countries, and when they do, rather than hurting host economies, they benefit them

Kruger National Park Steps Up Fight Against Poachers

Krugerpark News Information: With the appointment of 57 new field rangers, the Kruger National Park (KNP) is stepping up its crime fighting ability against the increasing incidences

Conservation Targets Too Small to Stop Extinction

Krugerpark News Information: Conservation biologists are setting their minimum population size targets too low to prevent extinction

Politicians unite and scientists speak up

Krugerpark News Information: If all goes to plan, political leaders at December's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) will agree to a successor to the

Lake Natron faces renewed threat from soda ash mining

Krugerpark News Information: BirdLife has learnt that a Tanzanian Government Agency is seeking to buy mining equipment for large-scale soda ash extraction from Lake Natron

Giant 507 carat diamond found in South Africa

Krugerpark News Information: A rare 507 carat white diamond was discovered at the Cullinan Mine near Pretoria

Jury Still Out on Whether New Mosquito Carries Malaria

Krugerpark News Information: A new species of mosquito has been discovered by South African researchers, adding to the pantheon of some 140 species of Anopheles mosquitoes in Africa

Vulnerable people diminishing wildlife

Krugerpark News Information: More than 34 million people living in Africa's Congo Basin depend on wildlife as their significant and direct source of protein

Why Female Water Buffalo Have Horns Impala Do Not

Krugerpark News Information: The reason some female hoofed animals have horns while others do not has long puzzled evolutionary biologists, even the great Charles Darwin

Elephant persuaded to keep his distance

Krugerpark News Information: An inquisitive elephant bull was ambling along the site roaming an area between one section of the plant and some offices when he was persuaded to return

Climate change cost of mitigation

Krugerpark News Information: Almost every day a think-tank or a non-governmental organisation releases a new price tag for mitigating or adapting to the impact of climate change

A rough guide to climate change in Africa

Krugerpark News Information: Reports and estimates of the impact of climate change appear almost daily, but those by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change remain the
A rhino with a broken horn.

Integrated Effort to Combat Rhino Killings in South Africa

Krugerpark News Information: MECs responsible for environment portfolios in provinces has called for integrated anti poaching efforts to halt the growing number of rhinoceros being

Honorary Rangers Meet with Kruger National Park Management

Krugerpark News Information: Members of the Honorary Rangers (HR), led by chairman of the national executive council, Janssen Davies, met with the managing executive of the Kruger
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