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Discover The New Generation Tuskers In Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: Ever since the Magnificent Seven was first named in the 1970s, Kruger's elephants with large tusks have been a source of awe and inspiration

Poachers Plunder Rare Plants

Krugerpark News Information: Rhino poaching has grabbed headlines across the world. But there are other species that may not survive people's arbitrary actions

Could Catfish Be The Culprit

Krugerpark News Information: When rangers found a cluster of crocodile carcasses in the Olifants Gorge last year, scientists had more questions than answers

White Lion Cub Spotted In The Timbavati

Krugerpark News Information: Ziggy Hugo, a guide at Hermansburg in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, was with guests when they stumbled upon this rare sighting

Rhino War Intensifies

Krugerpark News Information: In the next few months, Kruger National Park (KNP) staff will fit high-tech tracking devices to a large number of rhinos in Kruger

No place like home Africas big cats show postcode preference

Krugerpark News Information: The secret lives of some of Africa's iconic carnivores, including big cats, are revealed in a new study in the journal, Animal Conservation

Our Planet Reviewed

Krugerpark News Information: International Year of Biodiversity, the National Museum of Natural History and Pro-Natura International are working in partnership with IUCN to launch'

South Africa to host G20 Tourism Meeting in 2010

Krugerpark News Information: South Africa has been elected as the Africa representative to the executive council of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) at the

Battered and Bruised Abused Elephants to Be Rescued in Zimbabwe

Krugerpark News Information: The rescue of nine abused elephants from a commercial training facility in Zimbabwe will begin on Monday, November 2, 2009 the International Fund for

Cities and Climate Change

Krugerpark News Information: The impact of climate change on cities and towns, as well as the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels are among the foremost challenges to urban

Volunteers get dirty at school

Krugerpark News Information: Volunteers, greater Hoedpsruit based- businesses and staff from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve joined hands on a clean-up drive

Treaty partners learn of 40 proposed wildlife trade rule changes

Krugerpark News Information: Proposals for tighter trade controls for species such as the Atlantic blue fin tuna, sharks and corals have been submitted

Tracking down human smell

Krugerpark News Information: Each of the 6.7 billion people on Earth has a signature body odor — the chemical counterpart to fingerprints — and scientists are tracking down those

Saving the planet and money

Krugerpark News Information: As South Africans grapple with huge hikes in their electricity bills, the residents of an informal settlement on the outskirts of Cape Town have turned

Solving Hydrogen storage Limit to Power Green Cars

Krugerpark News Information: Hydrogen fuel, because its only byproduct is steam, should be the ultimate in green alternatives to fossil fuels, but it hasn't delivered on its promise

City sprawl City Crisis

Krugerpark News Information: Cairo and Alexandria, some 200 km apart, could merge in the foreseeable future, a spectra that presents a nightmare for urban planners
SumbandilaSat Oscar 67 (SO-67). NASA-Catalog: 35870

South Africas Sumbandila satellite lifts off

Krugerpark News Information: South Africa made history on the September 17, 2009 with the successful launch into space of its low-earth orbiting satellite, SumbandilaSat

Policymakers are relying too heavily on predictions of the impacts of climate change

Krugerpark News Information: As a result, they are claiming they need more research and more predictions before they can take action – and when policies are made, too little action

Demining is not a never ending story

Krugerpark News Information: Mozambique's effort to become the first of the world's major mine-contaminated countries to be declared mine-free is faltering
Close up view of a Kudu.

Digest of Rangers Diaries February 1941

Krugerpark News Information: Digest of Rangers' Diaries for February 1941 in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Trying to work from the same weather page

Krugerpark News Information: Climate scientists describe Africa as an information “black hole”. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) notes that there are only 744 weather

Carbon finance is key to better protection of gorillas and elephants

Krugerpark News Information: The United Nations Ambassador for the Year of the Gorilla, Ian Redmond, has called for the inclusion of gorillas and elephants, as important components

2010 must be used to change Africas image

Krugerpark News Information: The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has called on 2010 FIFA World Cup organisers to use next year's tournament to change Africa's image

Working on how to feed the world in 2050

Krugerpark News Information: Could the world go through another food crisis on a scale similar to the one in 2007/08? “Never say never again'”, was the general consensus

Learning from insects

Krugerpark News Information: Scientists now want to exploit insects' diversity to develop and test new medicines, new methods of pest control, new industrial enzymes and even bionic
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