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Klaserie Childrens Eco Training Celebrates International year of Biodiversity

Krugerpark News Information: To increase the understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth, Maureen Lahoud was invited to assist in teaching the

When is Water Safe

Krugerpark News Information: Diarrhoea-inducing waterborne microbes often go undetected in parts of the world with the highest rate of under-five deaths from gastrointestinal

Golf Game and Leisure in the Heart ot the Lowveld

Krugerpark News Information: For the golfing enthusiast there's the challenge of the resort's superb nine-hole golf course designed by Gary Player

Unsafe Water The Silent Killer

Krugerpark News Information: Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease - 1.8 million children younger than five years each year

Wildlife and Soccer

Krugerpark News Information: What does the Soccer World Cup and biodiversity have in common? This is the challenge SANParks has put to the country's children

Coal Mine May Threaten Mapungubwe World Heritage Status

Krugerpark News Information: The Australian company Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL) recently announced that it had been awarded 'unconditional new order mining rights'

Game Farmers Not Happy with Government Threats About Underutilised Land

Krugerpark News Information: Under-utilised game farms could be targeted for land restitution purposes

Alien Invasives Declared major Threat to Life on Earth

Krugerpark News Information: Invasive alien species, ranging from disease and plants to rats and goats, are one of the top three threats to life on this planet

The Consequences of Human Manipulation in Protected Areas

Krugerpark News Information: The current status of conservation management forces many herbivore species to co-exist in high densities within small protected areas

Young Neighbours Learn More About Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: To be like a child again or one day, to experience the Kruger National Park (KNP) the way a child would, learning about animals and their habits

Meet the Amazing Amone

Krugerpark News Information: Amone Mzimba is a humble man, with his fine frame, soft-spoken manner and gracious nature; you would be forgiven for mistaking him for part of a

Krugers New Generation Tuskers

Krugerpark News Information: These are the magnificent elephant bulls (and a few cows) believed to be following in the footsteps of Kruger's Magnificent Seven

Feral Cats as an Invasive Species

Krugerpark News Information: Although more commonly known for his expertise with alien plants, Llewellyn Foxcroft's latest collaboration to keep national parks as havens for

Controls for Animals Colour Designs Revealed

Krugerpark News Information: The vivid colours and designs animals use to interact with their environments have awed and inspired since before people learned to draw on the cave wall

National Bird Threatened by Illegal Trade

Krugerpark News Information: In February alone, nine blue cranes were confiscated in four separate incidences of illegal removal from the wild in their Karoo habitat

How Many More Species Will Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

Krugerpark News Information: According to the IUCN, which is the oldest and largest global environmental network, governments have failed to meet targets to reduce the rate of

Why Wetlands Matter

Krugerpark News Information: About half of South Africa's wetlands have already been destroyed or converted through draining, the building of dams, incorrect burning and overgrazing

Black Rhino Rescued From Sticky Situation

Krugerpark News Information: For guide Paulie Viljoen the afternoon game drive along the Ncau loop on Saturday, February 27, started off much the same as any other drive

Buffalo Live Up to Their Reputation

Krugerpark News Information: Despite their docile demeanour, buffalo are known as one of Africa's most dangerous creatures

Figs and Wasps

Krugerpark News Information: Figs and fig wasps have evolved to help each other out: Fig wasps lay eggs inside the fruit where the wasp larvae can safely develop, and in return, the

Fire Storms and Their use in Conservation Management

Krugerpark News Information: Fire is an important and crucial driver within savanna ecosystems and is necessary in maintaining ecosystem functioning

International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Krugerpark News Information: The CBD is one of the most signed onto treaties in the world, and deals with the need to sustain the rich diversity of life on Earth

Intensive Lion Research Initiated

Krugerpark News Information: Kruger National Park's lion population faces an uncertain future - or does it? That was the question facing scientists at a Lion Bovine Tuberculosis

Honorary Rangers Help Boost SANParks

Krugerpark News Information: Four months into 2010 and the Honorary Rangers (HR) have ticked off some milestone events on their 'to do' list for the year

10 Years in Jail

Krugerpark News Information: Two suspected rhino poachers, Joao Mdlovu and Berlito Mdlovu who were arrested in Kruger National Park (KNP) in January 2010 for rhino poaching
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