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Southern ground hornbill African penguin Ludwigs bustard move closer to extinction

Krugerpark News Information: Three of South Africa's flagship bird species have moved closer to extinction, according to the 2010 IUCN Red List

It doesnt take brains to pick a World Cup winner

Krugerpark News Information: The Cape vulture – one of Africa's largest birds of prey - is believed to be under threat from the followers of muti magic in South Africa

Did You Know Giraffes

Krugerpark News Information: Giraffes, Giraffa camelopardalis, are the tallest land animals on earth thanks in part to their distinctive necks which alone can reach almost two

Backsides best sides

Krugerpark News Information: After a hard day's game viewing in the Kruger Park we often complain that we saw 'nothing'. Just a few animals disappearing into the thickets

Many species one planet one future

Krugerpark News Information: This year, World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5 every year, focused on 'Many Species. One Planet. One Future

Young neighbours discover Kruger treasures

Krugerpark News Information: What better way to celebrate world environment day than through first hand exploration of earth's treasures in the Kruger National Park (KNP)?

Mphongolo Backpack trail Explore Krugers northern wilderness areas

Krugerpark News Information: Following the success of the Olifants backpack trail, the Kruger National Park (KNP) has now also introduced the Mphongolo Backpack Trail

A dream come true

Krugerpark News Information: Dead man's curve, treetop flying and one of the highest rates of aviation accidents in South Africa, can this really be anyone's dream job? For a small
Rangers measure paw prints on a walking safari.

Digest of rangers diaries August 1941 Kruger National Park

Krugerpark News Information: On the 4th Ranger went to the gate to see Badenhorst who was laid up with flu, and dosed him with the usual medicine

Six new Kruger tuskers named

Krugerpark News Information: Six elephants have been added to the Kruger National Park's (KNP) list of upcoming tuskers, courtesy of the enthusiastic participation of visitors in the

Malopeni eco 4x4 overnight trail

Krugerpark News Information: This is the perfect trail for someone who lives close to the park and would like to do something different but does not have a lot of time to spare

Pink gown tradition revived

Krugerpark News Information: If you had to define the ideal romance novel hero, chances are a ranger will win significant votes. And with good reason

Poachers target summer impala lily

Krugerpark News Information: The winter impala lily, (Adenium obesum), is a feature of most Kruger Park rest camps and can be found all over the park

Early human habitats under scrutiny

Krugerpark News Information: Pre-humans living in East Africa 4.4 million years ago inhabited savannas - grassy plains dotted with trees and shrubs - according to a team of

Fires in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: It's the time of year when smoke plumes set off alarm bells to many visitors in the Kruger National Park (KNP)

Buffalo big movers at Kirkwood Sales

Krugerpark News Information: Disease-free buffalo from the Karoo and Camdeboo National Parks fetched top prices at the Kirkwood Wildlife Auction held in the Eastern Cape in June.

Addos biggest tusker dies

Krugerpark News Information: On Thursday, April 22, 2010, numerous visitors to Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) witnessed a fight between two elephant bulls that resulted in the

New book showcases Kalaharis hyena

Krugerpark News Information: If you watch Disney's “The Lion King” you would be lead to believe that hyenas are conniving, unscrupulous and rather demented creatures

Open your eyes when crossing the border

Krugerpark News Information: Mozambique has launched a campaign called “Open Your Eyes” to combat child trafficking and unsafe child migration into neighbouring South Africa

In short

Krugerpark News Information: A suspect was wounded. Meetings of the Tzaneen Eco Club. Keep Kruger Clean-campaign.

Poacher shot in Kruger

Krugerpark News Information: On June 14, rangers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) wounded a suspected rhino poacher. He was shot in the arm, hip and shoulder.
Rise in Rhino poaching.

Shocking rise in rhino poaching leads to formation of new unit

Krugerpark News Information: Ruthless and highly organised criminals are butchering South Africa's rhinos at an alarming and escalating rate

Saddle Billed Stork Survey Update

Krugerpark News Information: The Endangered Wildlife Trust and SANParks started a photographic survey of saddle-billed storks in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on September 1, 2009

50 50 Back On Air

Krugerpark News Information: After nine months of being off air, 50/50 is back on South African television screens. The programme has built up a huge contingent of loyal viewers

Is The Shepards Tree Magical

Krugerpark News Information: The Shepherd's Tree, Boscia albitrunca, is the larval food plant for 14 different species of butterflies in the KNP and southern Africa
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