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African Reptiles guide Information: The Boomslang is a large snake with a distinct head, and very large eyes with round pupils. Colouration is very variable. They may be leaf-green, bright...

Black Lined Plated Lizard

African Reptiles guide Information: A large, thick-bodied plated lizard with a large, robust head. The back is reddish-brown with well-defined, black-edged, yellow dorsolateral stripes...

Black Mamba

African Reptiles guide Information: A large, streamlined snake with a narrow, coffin-shaped head and smooth scales. The back is uniform gunmetal to olive-brown, but never really black...

African Rock Python

African Reptiles guide Information: The African Rock Python is Africa's largest snake. There is a large spearhead mark on the crown of the head; dark and light bands radiating from eye to...

Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko

African Reptiles guide Information: The Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko is a large velvet gecko. The back is light to dark grey-brown, usually with irregular pale and dark crossbars, and often with...


African Reptiles guide Information: Considerable variation exists throughout the range of the Nile Crocodile. Generally, it is a large crocodilian, averaging 5 m in length but reportedly...
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