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Africa Mammals Guide Information: Aardvark [Orycteropus afer]. They have a body length of 110 cm and a shoulder height of 60 cm, and the tail is 60-70 cm long. The skin is pinkish-gray or
African Weasel

African Weasel

Africa Mammals Guide Information: Head and body length is 300mm, and the tail measures 175mm. The African Weasel weighs about 250-350 gr. They have long slender bodies with short legs
Wild Dog.

Wild Dog

Africa Mammals Guide Information: Wild Dogs (Lycaon Pictus) occur in low population numbers as a consequence of large territories. The Wild Dog is one of Africa's most endangered mammal


Africa Mammals Guide Information: The name Klipspringer is the Afrikaans for 'rock jumper' and alludes to the animal's ability in rocky territory where it can be seen moving freely
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